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"5 Step Isometric Exercise Routine - 6 Seconds to Strength Formula"

From: Ordinary Joe

Build more muscle in the least possible time with your 5 step isometric exercise routine.

Dynamic Tension

If you grew up reading comic books, chances are you will have seen the adverts run by muscleman Charles Atlas. 

Promoting his unique "dynamic tension" courses, the ads showed a scrawny kid getting sand kicked in his face, and later - after completing the Charles Atlas workout - returning to sock the beach bully on the jaw before making off with the girls.

So, what makes this type of training so unique?

Well, for a start, the exercises described in these Charles Atlas courses didn't involve any weights. Instead, they used a form of dynamic tension - or isometrics - to make you strong.  

And the best part? 

These exercises - when correctly applied - not only make you strong, but build muscle in the least possible time.

More Muscle, Least Possible Time

The thing is, if you are looking for a super-simple way to get stronger while sculpting your body like our hero in the Charles Atlas ad - and do it in the least possible time - then isometrics are for you.

But why does this system work so well, and what are they? 

Let me explain.

Isometrics are an exercise system in which the muscles never contract. Their muscular length remains the same. This means that any force which is applied to an object is fixed and stationary. Compare this to traditional resistance training where you move a barbell or dumbbell over a predetermined distance, and you can see the two types of exercises are very different. 

Want a simple demonstration of this system you can try right now?

Put your palms together as if you are about to say your prayers. Now push your hands as hard as you possibly can. Once you can feel the contraction, apply 100% effort for a count of 6 seconds. Do you feel that tension in your chest muscles? What you just experienced were isometrics busy at work.

This simple demonstration shows what isometrics are. But why do they work so well?

In short, this type of exercise provides the biggest bang for your bodybuilding buck. And its secret? Intensity.

In fact, isometrics are so effective, that they prompted the author of perhaps the most critically acclaimed book on strength training to call them "the ultimate exercise". Let's find out why.

Starr Man

The author is Bill Starr. And years before Starr penned his groundbreaking The Strongest Shall Survive, he was your quintessential 7-stone weakling.

Tipping the scales at a "rack of bones" 130 pounds, he would graduate high school with a dream to play college sports. 

Realizing he would have to alter his physique to compete with the big boys on campus, Starr joined the Air Force and began lifting. The military man would see out nine years' active service before he made his dream a reality; then, aged 27, the US soldier who became known as Starr Man, enrolled at the Southern Methodist University and tried out for the football team.

Starr was your average sports jock looking to steal a march on the opposition when the isometric wave struck. Seeing his chance - and aware of the tremendous success the system had already garnered - he set to work pushing, pulling and pressing his way to greatness.

Isometric Wrecking Ball

Starr would watch in wonder as isometrics took a wrecking ball to world records in all sports, knocking them over like skittles.

  • In the world of swimming, Indiana University students began smashing national and world records almost at will.  
  • In track and field, Jim Beatty broke the world record in the indoor mile.
  • In competitive weighlifting, Bill March won everything in sight. At the 1963 Philadelphia Open, almost predictably, a world record followed.

Yet as amazing as these results undoubtedly are, they become almost unbelievable when I tell you something that will halt you dead in your tracks...

These results were achieved with lifts that took just 6 seconds.

No. That is not a misprint. 

Each of these lifts took a mere 6 seconds to build Superman strength and a lean and muscular body.

And the really exciting part?

These lifts are guaranteed to work for anyone.

What's in Your Report?

6 Seconds to Strength kicks off with 5 simple steps that show you how this formula works.

  • In Step 1 you will learn how to bench a Dodge Viper engine, and discover the secret of 1/4 ton training.
  • In Step 2 you will learn how a "simple switch" can help you build muscle up to 600% faster.
  • In Step 3 you will learn how "rack of bones" Bill Starr transformed himself into a lifting champ, and why isometrics are a record-breaking wrecking ball.
  • In Step 4 you will learn about the "ultimate strength exercise" and the simple technique you MUST use if you want to make optimum progress. (This easy-to-learn technique boosts results and takes isometrics to another high-performance level.)
  • In Step 5 you will learn the proven tips, strategies and techniques that guarantee you build more muscle in the least possible time.

And loads more cool stuff I simply can't wait to share with you!

Sounds exciting, don't you agree? Now check out some of these frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I'm not an athlete, will I be able to follow this?

    A: Yes. Unlike many traditional routines or fitness programs, isometric exercise routines prides itself on keeping things super-simple. With just a dumbbell and the right know-how, you can easily transform your body in just 6 seconds of your TV time. I show you how.

    Q: I'm just getting started. Is this too advanced for me?

    A: No. In fact, research shows weight lifting to be one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise that you can do.

    Q: Do your workouts adjust for an over-60 aged person like me who has some weight lifting experience?

    A: Yes. Isometric exercise routines are fully adjustable and suitable for all age types - and that includes seniors. It doesn't matter if you are 22 or 102... I guarantee this formula will work for you. 

    Q: I've read about isometric exercise routines before. How soon can I expect to see results?

    A: You will have likely heard about isometrics from the Charles Atlas ad we talked about earlier. But please don't expect a rehash of an Atlas course here. Even though 6 Seconds to Strength shares some of the same isometric principles, the two types of training are quite different.

    Because of these differences, you can expect to see results from your very first workout. Seriously. From day one you will witness improvements in posture, body shape, fat loss, strength gain and the building of muscle. And these changes aren't only limited to transforming your physique - they are far-reaching and impact every aspect of your life.

A Friendly Warning

And in a moment, I'm going to tell you how you can get your hands on a copy of this report.

But before I do, I feel it's only fair I give you the following friendly warning: 

You see, this information isn't for everybody. In fact, most people really shouldn't be doing this at all. 

Why? Because a system like this will change your life. 

Here is what can happen:

  • Just 30 days from now, you will be leaner and stronger with more energy. Confidence will be coursing through your veins. A transformation like that is intoxicating and impossible to ignore. 
  • At work, colleagues will be nodding in approval as they compliment you on how you look.  
  • If you are single, girls will be busy checking you out. Don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself with more phone numbers than you can possibly handle... and please don't be shocked as guys - eager for what you've got - demand to know your secret.
  • If you are in a relationship, your partner will be thrilled having a "hot, new man in her life". Your newly found stamina means you are now a sexual dynamo in the bedroom and a turbocharged go-getter out of it.

Remember, all of this can happen in just 30 days.

Your 100% No-Risk Guarantee

Now if that sounds like the kind of exciting future you want, here is how you can try this system without any risk at all.

Simply go ahead and order your 34-page report right now.

You see, I am so confident you will benefit from 6 Seconds to Strength, that your copy comes with my personal, no-nonsense, unconditional 100% lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event this isn't for you, or you are in any way dissatisfied, that's fine. Simply contact me and I will issue you a full refund. 

And remember, you don't have to decide right now. You do not have to make a decision today. Simply preview the product, and if for any reason it's just not for you, e-mail me and I'll quickly and quietly return your money.

You cannot lose.

Own it, read it... 
and your money back if you don't love it! 

It's easy. Just click on the Order button below and begin reading your copy today.

Isometric Exercise Routine

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