Testimonials - How Can Abbreviated Training Help You?

Want an Iron Man physique in minutes? Learn how abbreviated training quickly helped our visitors build muscle and blowtorch body fat.

Here is what our readers are saying:

Energy for Work and Family

"Just wanted to say Thank You, for the awesome '6 Seconds to Strength' material. Already applying it in the gym. Being a busy family guy, this really helps me improve my health while having energy for work and family. Best of Success to you!!"

~ William H H 

Excellent Progress 

"When I first began weight training (back in the mid-1950's) I did all the wrong things: too many exercises; too many sets; and working out 3-4 times per week. As a result my progress was very slow. Because I performed too many heavy sets of bench presses (5x5's, pyramids, multiple low-reps sets) I wore down the cartilage in my shoulder which caused permanent pain and lack of mobility. My current workouts are limited to what you prescribe and I'm now making excellent progress (even though I am 68 years old). Again, thank you for the excellent articles contained in your web site."

~ Steve Kane

Strength Has Skyrocketed

"I am a big believer in basic training. After incorporating your system into my routine, my strength has rocketed! Adding muscle and bags of energy - thank you!"
~ Peter Staples, Western Australia

Best Shape of My Life

"Lee, thank you... an amazing workout. It helped burn 24 kg fat and I was in the best shape of my life!"
~ Pavel Blazek, Czechoslovakia

A Big Fan

"I got your Ninja Strength Secrets course and love it! I am a big fan of ultra-abbreviated training routines. I agree that time is most important. Why spend 3 hours doing something when you can do the same in less than an hour? Thanks so much."
~ Paul Karpovich

Excellent Value for Money

"Impressive collection of routines and diet info - reading this collection will save you a lot of reading time and a lot of money on different books. The author has put some serious time into researching the info. There are also interviews with some trainers. Talks about abbreviated training routines, static contraction, Dumbbells, but no body weight. Diet info about intermittent fasting and what type works best - when and what to eat." 

~ Oddbod

Fantastic Concepts for the Books

"Very informative and much thought provoking content told in a very entertaining way. The stories of the actors and their trainers made it very real and inspiring to follow the training that turned them into heroes."

~ Dennis Gilchrist

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