The Best Aerobic Exercise... Muscle Building Aerobics With Weights

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hat if your best aerobic exercise can be achieved by lifting weights?

Muscle building aerobics? Is that possible?

If you're looking to ditch the treadmill, or bin the bicycle, I'm here to show you how!

The Method Is The Message

Exciting scientific research suggests you can get your aerobic workout while strength training. However, before we get into the science part, let me first outline some of the benefits of getting your aerobics THIS way rather than the conventional way:

  • Time-friendly
  • Super efficient
  • Injury-free
  • Variety
  • More fun!
  • So just how does this work?

    Let's begin by understanding the best aerobic exercise isn't really an exercise at all. The best aerobic exercise is ANY exercise that elevates your heart-rate intensely thereby achieving an aerobic training effect.

    For our purposes we will be using strength training with weights. But first, some science...

    The Science Part

    Scientific tests have shown aerobic fitness can be achieved over short, intensive bursts - results that are comparable to the conventional wisdom of aerobic training (30-40 minutes 3 times a week).

    Instead, the trainee only needs to exercise @ 90% heart rate to tax the aerobic system sufficiently.

    Broken down, an aerobic workout on a fitness cycle would look like this:

    • 4-5 minutes warm up
    • 30 seconds cycling at 90% intensity
    • 4-5 minutes recovery
    • 30 seconds cycling @ 90% intensity
    • Repeat until 4-7 spurts are completed.

    But what about getting your aerobic workout while lifting iron?

    Research shows this same training protocol can be utilized when lifting weights - the benefits to you? You get to enjoy an effective aerobic workout while you build muscle.

    Let's see how it's done...

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    Photo courtesy of Mike Baird

    The Best Aerobic Exercise - Muscle Building Aerobics

      1. Select a leg exercise; a back exercise; and a chest exercise for your workout. For our purposes, choose proven muscle builders like the leg press; the lat-pulldown; and the chest press.

      2. Beginning with the leg exercise, complete 10 reps in a controlled manner. Your repetition speed should follow a steady count of 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down with NO jerky movements. DO NOT rush as your repetition speed is important. Correct weight selection should find the final repetition challenging but achievable.

      3. On completion, start your back exercise in the same steady and controlled manner. Again be sure to practice a smooth, unhurried training style. Continue to breath strongly.

      4. Finally, begin your chest exercise for a further set of controlled reps. By now your heart-rate will be significantly elevated - the benefit to you? You get to achieve an effective aerobic workout lifting weights.

      To see how other strength & fitness trainees are using this exciting discovery, go to:
      Aerobics, Do You Need It?

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