FITNESS GOALS - results & targets

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Muscle building fitness goals are a vital part of your program, and because of this, we'll be enlisting the help of two special allies!

Are you ready to see what they can do for you?

Let's go meet them...


Do you recall the song about the inchworm measuring the marigolds? A patient fellow, the inchworm steadily went about his job, unrushed and focused.

Rushing didn't get the job done any better. Deliberate care and attention to detail got the job done.

The Need For Speed...NOT!

One and one is two; two and two is four...

Sadly, we live in an ever-quickening society, a world where now isn't soon enough, and today needs to get out of the way ahead of tomorrow!

This 'quickening' can be seen in how results must be NOW, immediate - to wait is to somehow miss out, with patience becoming an alien, rarely used word.

But no longer!

Right here, ordinary-joe-muscle-building proposes a return to grounded values: a return to a world where results aren't 'cheated' but are earned.

Here the inchworm comes into his own.

For what ordinary-joe-muscle-building proposes, is certain, steady, GUARANTEED progress WITHOUT SHORTCUTS:

  • 1kg at a time
  • A couple of repetitions onto each workout
  • A few inches whittled from your waistline
  • An inch or so added onto your arms and chest...
Certain, steady, measurable, GUARANTEED progress...

Measurable progress you can plan for TODAY!

Your Training Log

Let me introduce you to my training log. It's simple, unfussy, and gets the job done - kinda like ordinary-joe-muscle-building...;-)

Since I'm the worlds' worst at keeping records, I find a simple sheet of paper that I can highlight works for me - anything more complicated would simply get in the way.

Sometimes simple is the hardest thing to do, but sometimes simple is exactly what you need!!

Chart Your Progress

Chart your fitness goals the Ordinary Joe way!

A quick walk-through: I hit my rep target for the day and I highlight it.

Next workout, I know what weight and repetition range is waiting for me.

I'm prepared.

I'm ready...

I'm also looking forward to my next rep-gain/weight-gain, content in the knowledge that I'm making ongoing, continuing progress - progress that is measurable and guaranteed!

This measurable, guaranteed progress means I never feel hurried.

Remember Aesop's fable about the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise was the winner because he was unhurried. He was also focused on his goal - the kind of focus that brings certain, earned results!

    Promise yourself you won't be the scatterbrained hare chasing off in a hundred different directions...

Instead become the smart, unhurried tortoise, going about his business with a winner's focus!

Chart Your Muscle Building Fitness Goals

Your goals are important to you. Be smart and unhurried, and the results will follow.

These results will see you charting new territory.

  • You'll be LEANER
  • Your POSTURE will improve
  • You'll have a newfound STAMINA that wasn't there before!
You're about to make a lot of cool discoveries - and all from 10 workout minutes a week!

Let the inchworm & tortoise guide you to a fitter, stronger you!

Remember when I said I was going to change your life? It's time to deliver on that promise.

Read on and discover how 10 workout minutes can hold back the hands of time!!!

Go to BIOMARKERS - Muscle Building Youth


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