"How Your Free Standing Chin Up Bar Pulverizes the Pull Up in 4 Easy Steps"

Want to grow your guns? Learn how your free standing chin up bar pulverizes the pull up exercise in 4 easy steps.

Peerless Pull Up Exercise

The pull up exercise, or close grip chin up, will do more to build your biceps than dumbbell or barbell curls. How effective is the pull up exercise when looking to grow your guns?

For inspiration, consider "The Biceps From The Bronx" Marvin Eder performing half a dozen reps with 125 pounds tied to his 197-pound body in the 1950s!

So the pull up exercise is an effective biceps builder? 

So the pull up exercise is a super-effective biceps builder? 

Hey, don't just take my word for it. Here is what bodybuilding legend Mike Mentzer said about the exercise:

    "The close-grip, palms-up pulldown is the best exercise you can do - better than the curl. When performing a curl, whether Nautilus Curl or conventional Barbell Curl, you work the biceps around a single joint axis, the elbow, and the predominant stress goes into the lower biceps. When performing a Close-Grip, Palms-Up Pulldown, you are working the biceps around two joint axes, the elbow and the shoulder; thus you are working the biceps muscle more uniformly from both ends."

HERE is where your free standing chin up bar earns its corn by delivering on its muscle building promise!

Now click on the video for some peerless pull up action:

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Free Standing Chin Up Bar - How to Build Your Biceps in 4 Easy Steps

    1. Proper form.

    When doing pull ups or chin ups, avoid dropping into the bottom position or "relaxing" and stretching. Instead, keep your head vertical and your eyes looking up slightly while keeping your shoulders "tight". Do NOT let your head fall forward, or your shoulders and arms relax. Poor exercise form can cause serious harm or injury, so do your best to monitor your performance.

    2. Hands up.

    Chins for the biceps are best done with the hands spaced at a bit more than shoulder width. Pull up to your chest and lower yourself fully, under control, and pull up again. RESIST the urge to proceed quickly. Your goal is to stress your muscles so let this mighty exercise do its work.

    3. Belt up.

    Plan to start tying weights around your waist in your quest to build your biceps. Remember Marvin Eder who earned the mantle "The Biceps From The Bronx" by performing the chin up with Herculean weights tied around his middle - you can do the same too.

    4. Hold it.

    Practice "holds" to increase strength training intensity. This can easily be achieved by "holding" the biceps in their fully contracted position when completing your final repetition. Aim to hold this position for a steady count of 8-12 seconds before slowly lowering under strict control.

    Important: while this pull up exercise tip is extremely effective, DO NOT abuse it by using this method too often. Since this training tip makes severe inroads into your recovery ability, utilize this method every 3rd or 4th workout, and your biceps will reward you with greater muscular gains.

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