How I Lost 14.9 Kilos

by Pavel Blažek

In 84 days Pavel Blažek would lose 14.9 kilos while forging rock hard muscle. How did he do it?

Discover the routine that transformed his physique in only 8 minutes-per-workout!

"Lost 14.9 Kilos."

alt text

thank you.

Now I train as follows:

    w/o A:
    Standing underhand lat pulldown   1 series (positive sometimes static+negative failure) or wide grip pulldown(static hold) Leg press  1 series (positive failure)
    3-5 day rest

    w/o B:
    dips  1 series (positive+static+negative failure) 
sumo deadlift 1 series (positive failure)
    3-5 day rest and repeat workout A

As you can see, no direct loading arms, shoulders, abdomen, hamstrings. 
Biceps are sufficiently stimulated during exercise Underhand pulldown, triceps and shoulders during exercise Dips ......

As for diet, now it is only 4 times per day, food is composed oats, couscous, vegetables, a little casein protein (lean dessert protein-BSN) and a large quantity of olive oil, peanut butter and nuts and seeds (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts ořechylněné seed) and more curd.

With best wishes 

~ Pavel Blažek

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