Your Best Muscle Building Product?

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Every seasoned trainee has a favorite best muscle building product which has served them well in their pursuit of muscle building; this might be an item of exercise equipment, or a particular home gym...

Perhaps you have a favorite of your own?

Either way, before we can bestow this particular honor, we must first satisfy some testing parameters:

The best muscle building product must be judged!

Exercise Equipment vs. Supplement

Before we can hand out any awards like Robin Williams at an Oscars ceremony, we must ask ourselves what kind of products we'll be judging. For example, will the supplement creatine make our shortlist; or how about your favorite whey protein?

However, since the category above isn't 'Best Muscle Building Supplement', I would advise we ignore the former nominees and instead concentrate on a product we can physically use ;-)

So what should we look for in a best muscle building product?

Ultimately, the item in question must deliver on its promise: it must build muscle.

What else?

Versatility should be considered, as an item of exercise equipment which is limited to certain movements will fail to build significant muscle mass.

Any more?

Let's consider some capabilities:

  • Robust
  • Easy-to-use
  • Proven
  • Fun!
Fun?! How did fun get onto our list?

However, this last part is important, as fun, and in particular 'enjoyment', will keep the typical trainee enthused about their muscle building long after more inferior products have been dispensed with. Fun should, and MUST, be a significant part of your training, just as it should be a part of your life...

This is why a muscle building product's versatility is so important!

So what is the best muscle building product, and the deserved winner of this accolade?

For our winner... we must look to the past.

Dumbbell Training... and why 'dumbbells' never use dumbbells

Dumbbells, as we know them, have been around since the early part of the 17th century. Since this time, these mighty bells have provided the muscle building foundation of every man, woman, or teenager who has ever 'pumped iron'. Moreover, the modest dumbbell has built some of the strongest bodies, in addition to crafting some of the most spectacular physiques. (For more, see Marvin Eder, and Eugene Sandow.)

Consider the dumbbells' credentials: versatile; robust; easy-to-use; proven muscle builder; and fun!

Simply, there is no muscle building exercise the dumbbell cannot perform, just as there is no routine beyond it.

These factors make the modest dumbbell a worthy winner!

In Summary

So what is the best muscle building product? If you are searching for a product that is versatile; enduring; easy-to-use, and a proven muscle-builder, the dumbbell is difficult to beat!

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