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How to Build Big Arms to Rival Popeye

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So you want to build big arms? You want guns like Arnold; or biceps to rival Popeye in a 'gator wrestling contest?

While this desire to 'grow your guns' is a noble one, most folks training for big arms go about it all wrong…

I’ll explain:

The common approach to building big arms is to do curls. Lots of them. Yet this common approach is sure to fail for one very important reason:You’ll never grow gargantuan guns before you get strong!


  1. Build big arms by selecting a compound exercise (Upright Row or Chin Up Exercise). To grow big biceps requires you building substantial strength first. Growing gargantuan guns to rival Popeye, involves you lifting heavy. For the chin up, consider 20 kilos tied to your middle a good starting point!

    While the targets proposed here are challenging, they are also achievable. For example: legendary strength trainee Marvin Eder during the 1950's, completed 7 weighted chins with 200 pounds, along with a validated world-beating dip of 435 pounds! Marvin Eder himself weighed a modest but not insignificant 200 pounds.

  2. Growing your guns requires rest. Cycle your training, as training hard all the time ultimately leads to fatigue...

    Recuperation is a vital tool when building impressive arms.

  3. Adopt the philosophy of less is more and less is better. Work hard at adding a little more iron to your upright row, or a little more weight to the chin up exercise - and your arms will grow!

    Get strong and you will build bulging biceps to rival Popeye!


  • Regardless of your age, please check with your physician before embarking on such programs. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. The author cannot be responsible for any injury resulting from following the instructions given. Your safety is important.

Things You'll Need

  • A chin up bar
  • A hip belt

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