How To Build Massive Pecs Old-Style

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How to Build Massive Pecs Old Style

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To build massive pecs old-style, involves ignoring fads and trends and returning to what worked for the beef cakes of yesteryear. Forget the Pec Deck at your local gym. Ignore those shopping channel chest expanders...

To build a muscular chest involves doing like Marty McFly in the Spielberg movie and going 'Back To The Future'..!

It involves returning to proven exercise procedures that yield measurable results!


  1. Build bigger pecs by selecting a compound exercise (bench press or dip). To grow muscular pecs requires you building impressive strength first. To build massive striated pecs old-style, involves you lifting heavy. For the dip, consider 20 kilos strapped to your middle a good starting point!

    While the targets proposed here are challenging, they are also achievable. For example: legendary strength trainee Marvin Eder during the 1950's, completed a validated world-beating dip of 435 pounds along with 7 weighted chins with 200 pounds! Marvin Eder himself weighed a modest but not insignificant 200 pounds.

  2. Cycle your training. Training hard all the time is a sure-fire way to failure. To succeed requires recuperation. Instead, stagger your training intensity. Nothing kills results more than training hard all the time...

    To grow your pecs requires rest!

  3. Adopt the philosophy of less is more and less is better. One tough set is all you need to grow. Work hard at adding a little more iron to your bench press, or a little more weight to the dip exercise - and you will grow!

    Get strong, and you will build massive, sexy pecs!


  • Regardless of your age, please check with your physician before embarking on such programs. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. The author cannot be responsible for any injury resulting from following the instructions given. Your safety is important.

Things You'll Need

  • A dip bar
  • A hip belt
  • Determination!

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