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Building muscle after 40?

It's easy when following sound, muscle building principles - the same principles that work WHATEVER YOUR AGE!

Indeed, some simple modifications can build a terrific body - even for the 40-year-old beginner!

Muscle Building After 40

    1. REST and RECOVERY are vital tools in your muscle building armory. When young, the body's recuperative abilities are greater and tail off as you reach 40 and beyond. However, by working WITH your body - by allowing the body sufficient time to recover and recuperate - you'll continue to make measurable and sustainable progress. (For inspiration, see Clarence Bass Further Reading below.)

    2. SUPPLEMENT your diet. After 40, a multivitamin and mineral is vital to your health and well being. Consider the benefits of a multi that aids you in your muscle building efforts. For example: vitamin A, C and E wipe out free radicals (the chemical bad guys) while vitamin B supports your central nervous system - a chemical stress-beater!

    3. Apply PATIENCE. A little iron added to your exercises every few workouts equals a strength gain equals more muscle. Be PATIENT in your efforts, and you'll avoid stagnation and frustration - two arch enemies of progress.

    4. Choose an ABBREVIATED WORKOUT to build muscle mass. Building muscle after the age of 40 requires you working smart. Instead, select compound exercises for muscle building such as the squat, dip and chin exercise. These mass building exercises give you the most bang for your buck, allowing you more time to recover...

Limit your exercises per workout and you will grow! :-)

    For more about strength training for women, see Strength Training And Older Women

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