Strength Training and Older Women... Older, Wiser, Stronger

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Strength training and older women is a subject that often causes confusion, but there is exciting news:

You can build the body you want today!

Benefits of Strength Training For Women

The benefits of strength training for women include:

  • Improved POSTURE
  • Increased MUSCLE TONE
  • Greater ENDURANCE
  • Feel HEALTHY

Want to go late-night dancing but don't have the energy?

Strength training will help you in your goal!

Building age-defying strength and lean, toned muscles can EASILY be achieved by following sound muscle building principles. Furthermore, strength training has been shown to build and MAINTAIN healthy bones, muscles, and connective tissue...

What does this mean to you?

This means you get to throw a roadblock before brittle bones and weakened muscles while rediscovering a more youthful and energized you!

    Brittle bones worries? Scientific research has shown that osteoporosis can be HALTED. How? Load-bearing exercises such as strength training or resistance training, have been shown to PRESERVE and BUILD bone strength - REGARDLESS of your age! This means it is NEVER too late to begin a strength training program!

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Strength Training Exercises For Women

All strength training exercises for women follow the same sound principles as strength training for men.

These principles involve training progressively, cycling your training intensity, and being prudent in your choice of muscle building exercises.

For the beginner, an excellent strength training routine would be press-ups alternated with deep-knee-bends or squats.

And for those with some exercise experience, a muscle building routine including deadlifts, rows and overhead presses will significantly boost strength, just as dips or chins will work wonderfully for the advanced or intermediate.

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In Summary

Over 40? You want to get into shape, but don't know how?

Strength training and older women is your passport to a more vital you!

If you want to FEEL young and LOOK YOUNGER, make building muscle after 40 a part of your health regimen today.

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