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Your Dip Bar does for your shoulders, arms and chest what the Chin Up Bar does for your back!

So what should you look for in this amazing bar?

Let's go see...

Your Options:

Dip Bars, like the Chin Up Bar, comes in all styles, shapes, and flavors, from the wall mounted bar to the portable Dip Station.

My bar is part of my workstation, and despite some bumps and knocks, it has given me unfailing service; it also reflects the ordinary joe philosophy perfectly: simple, functional and basic...

AND gets the job done!

So let's go see what's available :-)

Wall Mounted Dip Parallel Bars

If you've space on your garage, or home gym wall, this is a terrific choice. Fixed to your wall, the bars - like your Chin Up Bar - is available for immediate use: settle into position, do your 3-5 repetitions, and your workout is done!

As before, the wall mounted option comes in different flavors. Some are fixed, while others have the flexibility to alter your grip (the bars are flared to allow for this).

Again, I suggest you go with what you can afford - but consider: your purchase, if treated right, will last you forever :-)

But what if wall space is at a premium?

Free Standing Dip Station

This option gives you the bonus of portability. Coupled with a Chin Up Bar (many free standing Dip Stations have this option included), you get the best of both worlds.

As before, go with what your purse or wallet will allow. If you buy quality, you insure your workouts will be safe and productive...

    Always buy bomb-proof!

And remember: the bars don't have to be fancy. The ordinary joe philosophy is to get the biggest bang for your buck!

This means exercising PRODUCTIVELY and buying your equipment WISELY. There really is no need to spend a King's ransom on some contraption that gets to spend its life in your wardrobe!

Instead buy for function:

Tricky Abdominals

We've now seen what's available for exercising your shoulders & chest, but what about those tricky abdominal muscles?

Twelve pack to six pack?!!


Let me show you how ;-)

Go to Easy Abdominal Exercises

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