Easy Abdominal Exercises - Your 3 Steps to Superman Abs

Searching for Superman abs?

Your 3 Steps to easy abdominal exercises will fly you to your goal.

Is It A Bird... Is It a Plane..? No, It's Superman!

"You'll believe a man can fly!" This was the shout that went up when Superman took to the air. With fist clenched and kiss-curl locked in place, the Man of Steel would blaze across the sky.

On landing, you knew it wouldn't take long for the big fella to 'put away the bad guys' - this rough justice normally taking the shape of a right hook to launch the offending villain into orbit; and pity the misguided hood who fires his gun at our hero's stomach, only to watch - in dumb horror - as the bullet ineffectively bounces off.

Didn't the bad guys KNOW bullets were useless against the Man of Steel?

Snatching the revolver from the hoodlum's faltering grip, Superman then proceeds to bend the shooter like it is melting taffy.


What kid didn't yearn for the Man of Steel's rock-hard abs?!

Crunchless Abs

As a grownup things are no different. A six-pack is still one of the most desired muscle groups ranking above a muscular chest and shirt-bursting arms. Want proof? You need look no further than the news agents selling your magazines, or the TV ads hawking you after-shave. Wander through your clothes store and you'll see toned models parading designer underwear. Take a peek ABOVE the designer waistband, and you'll glimpse a well-oiled six-pack...


Because a six-pack denotes strength and power, and... they're sexy.

However, for ALL their mystique, most guys train to get Man of Steel abs all wrong.

Easy Abdominal Exercises... why crunches aren't your answer

The guys you see modeling those designer pants at the underwear aisle, didn't get their six-packs using crunch machines. 99% of those guys got them through hard work (hours spent lifting weights), and by following a structured, muscle building diet.

Moreover, those guys in the designer pants have a body fat percentage at 10% or LOWER!

When you consider the average fellow has a body fat percentage of 15-20% you can understand why abdominal crunches won't get you buff around your belly...

To estimate how far you are from a lean mid-section, you must measure body fat and calculate your body fat percentage number.

So does this mean we can't get a six-pack?

No, not at all.

It means we've got to APPLY ourselves to eating well... it means we've got to APPLY ourselves to getting STRONG!

Easy Abdominal Exercises... Your 3 Steps to Superman Abs

    1. Build your foundation of strength.

    Easy abdominal exercises that build muscles FAST are the squat exercise and the stiff leg deadlift. To attempt to build muscle WITHOUT some variation of these mighty exercises is like trying to take on Superman with a pea-shooter! Building muscle quickly should be your PRIMARY concern when toning your stomach, or losing fat, or getting into shape. Follow this Step to a stronger mid-section and it will repay you with Superman abs!

    Think you can't build a six-pack without crunches?

    The Mighty Eugene Sandow was likened to 'a standing miracle', such was the perfection of his physique - he was ALSO in possession of the most awesome abs. And the exciting part? He built his body utilizing proven, muscle building principles - and not an abdominal crunch in sight!

    2. Follow a muscle building diet.

    Eating well is Step 2 of your easy abdominal exercises guide. Remember those guys with 10% body fat? They got their six-packs by enlisting the aid of muscle building nutrition.

    Make muscle building foods the core of your diet and you will boost your energy while you melt away the fat; and remember:

      Foundation of Strength + Nutrition = Man of Steel Abs!

    3. Sleep your way to a slimmer stomach.

    Since rest is a key element in the muscle building process, be sure you get enough of it. How much shut-eye do you need? 8-10 hours is an excellent target, and more if you are feeling fatigued.

    Since none of us are blessed with Superman's recovery abilities, we must work WITH our bodies and not against them: this means you should follow a time-friendly training routine as described on this site, along with a healthy diet and plenty of rest. While this step of your easy abdominal exercises is often the most overlooked, it is the simplest to implement...

    Take the time to unwind, and you will soon build Superman abs!

In Summary

Do you want a sexy stomach? Are you looking for Superman abs?

Your 3 Steps to easy abdominal exercises will show you how!

Easy Abdominal Exercises to Muscle Building

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