Female Muscle Building... Rewind The Clock to a Younger You

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Can female muscle building REALLY rewind the clock to a younger you?

Is that possible?

Yes. It can. But more than this, some well-directed strength training can put you on the road to the best shape of your life!

The Fairer Sex, Not The Weaker Sex... embrace your power

So should girls REALLY lift weights? I know what you're thinking; you have this scary image in your head of some musclebound shot-putter, and there is no-way-in-hell you want to look like THAT!

I agree. I wouldn't want to look like that either ;-)

However, joking and shot-putters aside, there is excellent news: you DON'T have to look like a musclebound shot-putter (unless, of course, you really want to).

No. What we're proposing, is a foundation of strength and muscle building fitness which will REWIND the clock to a more youthful you. Does that sound better? Moreover, you're going to lose fat - if you need to - and improve your health and endurance which means you're going to look and FEEL better.

These are just SOME of the benefits of female muscle building...

Let's see some more:

  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Greater confidence
  • Improve self esteem
Can muscle building REALLY achieve all this? Happily, the above benefits are only the tip of a very large iceberg. By getting the 'fitness ball' rolling, you are about to take charge of your life - and taking charge, means you will experience some exciting changes!

Why Muscles Aren't ONLY For Guys... turning back time

So how can female muscle building rewind the clock to a younger you? We can thank science for our answer...

A remarkable thing happens when you begin to build muscles... your biomarkers improve.

Don't panic. This a very agreeable thing, as biomarkers are 'indicators of a biological state', including, for example, blood pressure and heart rate. Taken together, these biological indicators can predict your 'biological age', meaning your chronological age - the number on your passport - might not necessarily be the same.

The right kind of exercise can lower this figure.


Muscle building with weights encourages the building of larger muscles; and why is this so good? Muscle is metabolically active tissue, which means it burns calories (yes, you really CAN lose fat while you sleep). Moreover, strength training can improve flexibility; coordination; and bone density. This means the very real threat of osteoporosis is minimized - another fantastic benefit! (For more, see Strength Training and Older Women.)

Can you NOW see why muscles aren't only for guys?

In simple terms, the right kind of exercise - i.e. muscle building - really CAN rewind the clock, leading to a more youthful, energized you...

And the great news?

You can achieve this remarkable feat in a couple of minutes a day!

In Summary

So can female muscle building REALLY rewind the clock to a younger you?

Yes. It can. Moreover, you can take the first step on this exciting journey today!

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