Food Combining Diet... Muscle Building The Hay Way

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A food combining diet can stabilize weight while revitalizing a slow metabolism. The benefits? A more HEALTHFUL, energized you!

How does THIS sound . . ?

  • More ENERGY
  • Burn FAT
  • Better HEALTH
  • Look YOUNGER
And as you enjoy these benefits, say goodbye to:

  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Problem skin
  • Bloating

Food Combining For Health

In simple terms, food combining works by never mixing starchy foods (potatoes, rice or bread) with proteins (meats, poultry or cheeses).

Pioneered by Dr William Hay at the turn of the twentieth century, food combining, in its many incarnations, has been proved to WORK over and again - results and benefits that continue to be enjoyed today.

    For more food combining information, see Synergy-Health

So can a food combining diet be used for muscle building?

Most definitely!

Food Combining Rules

I employ the 'never mix starches with protein rule' periodically with great success.

For example:

I rarely entertain colds, and when the flu comes a-calling, it is gone in a day or so...

Furthermore, I NEVER suffer with indigestion, headaches, or pains and creaky joints (typical ailments of the 21st Century), just as I have NEVER missed a single workout in the last 3 or more years through general ill-health - and remember, I am an ordinary-joe like you!

So how does food combining work EXACTLY?

Remaining healthy involves working WITH the body and not against it. THIS is why food combining for health WORKS. If there is some curious magic at play, it can be seen in an IMPROVED DIGESTION and by avoiding FOODS that FIGHT.

Dr William Hay professed digestion was KEY in a person's health and vital well-being.

A modern-day analogy is a motor car whose petrol tank is blocked leading to an engine that is faulty. Pouring MORE fuel into the car won't make the engine run any better. Performance will ONLY be improved when the fuel lines have been CLEARED!

For more digestion tips, see Constipation Remedy... Constipation Relief Secrets

    Is it possible to reverse the effects of aging and actually grow YOUNGER in 90 days?

    For your FREE food-combining charts and friendly advice, try the 90 Day Health Makeover Plan and see for yourself!

In Summary

  • Allow 4-6 hours between mealtimes
  • Choose NATURAL and WHOLE FOODS over processed.

Unsure if food combining will work for you?

Try it!

Make THIS change, and say hello to a new, improved you!

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