"Muscle Building Foods - Don't Know Your T-Bone from Your Tofu?"

Don't know your T-bone from your tofu?

Discover the best muscle building foods to boost fitness, along with their hidden dangers.

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Foods for Muscle Building

Selecting the best foods for muscle building will positively influence any gains you might make.

Yet for the ordinary gal or guy looking to get fit, this truth hides the following pertinent point:

You can be OVER-nourished and still not build a single ounce of muscle!

How can this happen?

Putting the Nutrition Cart Before the Muscle Building Horse

While your choice of muscle building foods is vital to your success, it counts for naught without a productive fitness routine.

Here is where your typical trainee makes the mistake of putting the nutrition cart before the muscle building horse. Laboring under the assumption that 'more is better', they proceed to overdose on protein shakes and power bars, thinking the 'food' side of the equation will somehow build them stronger and fitter bodies...

Not true!

The best muscle building food and supplement will do NOTHING without a productive muscle building routine like the abbreviated workouts you will find on this site.

And what happens when you couple EXCELLENT nutrition with a productive muscle building routine?

The benefits:

  • Lose Fat
  • Get Fit
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Gain Muscle

NOW your choice of foods makes a BIG impact.

Forget overdosing on protein-rich foods (too much protein will harm your health anyway), and instead concentrate on this equation:

    Abbreviated Workout + Muscle Building Food = A Fitter and Stronger You

Do THIS and prepare to grow!

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The Best Muscle Building Foods - From Tofu to T-Bone

    1. The best foods for muscle building share one common characteristic.

    They possess ALL the essential body building amino acids that fuel the muscle building process.

    Excellent sources are fish and fowl, dairy and vegetarian (tofu) - make THESE your foods for building muscle size and you will be adequately fueled with these essential building blocks.

    For more, see Muscle Building Diet

    2. Ensure your portion sizes are sufficient to meet your requirements.

    So what is a typical portion size and how much protein to build muscle do you REALLY need?

    Not much is the surprising answer...and far less than the muscle magazines would have you believe.

    For guidance, allow one gram per kilogram of body weight (for example, someone weighing 80 kg would require 80 grams). And your portion size? This should measure no more than the size and thickness of the palm of your hand.

    Want to discover how a GI diet could improve your health, boost weight loss, and increase your fitness? For your answer, go to Glycemic Index

    3. Supplement wisely.

    Your typical trainee gets carried away thinking the best muscle building supplements will make them grow or improve fitness, when this simply isn't true.

    Some fantastic physiques have been built using no more than hand weights and natural, healthful foods.

    Indeed, the godfather of muscle building, Eugene Sandow built an amazing physique over 100 years ago, as did 'The Biceps From The Bronx' Marvin Eder in the 1950s - two of the strongest men to ever hoist a barbell!

    For a HEALTHY supplement boost, see Homemade Protein Shakes... Can YOU Shake, Rattle and Grow?

    4. No muscle-building food is off-limits - this includes your T-bone!

    It is important you don't become a slave to your food; instead, enjoy your mealtimes as they become a welcome pleasure and something to savor.

    But isn't beef bad?

    The benefits of eating meat shows moderate amounts of protein foods promote vibrant health - and this includes your juicy steak!

    The true nutrition villain isn't your T-bone - it never was - but is a diet and snack industry who lace their products with salts and sugars and overly-processed fats.

    For meals that will nourish your mind, body, and soul, see Delicious Free Healthy Recipes

    5. Fruits and veggies for 5 a day.

    What is 5 a day and how do fruits and veggies stack up against the latest wonder pills?

    If you want to build your body, supplements should never become a substitute for "real foods".

    Instead, get your 5 a day with healthy fruits and vegetables placing high on your muscle building menu.

    6. Trigger fat burning.

    When you eat is often as important as what you eat. For example, when you train at a particular time and follow it with your largest meal of the day, you can achieve something truly remarkable.

    Here is what happens: using a very simple technique, you can maximize the interval your body is actually burning fat.

    How does this process work?

    It's easy. The trick is to target your liver's glycogen stores before your first meal of the day, thereby triggering the fat burning process sooner. And how do you do that? Exercise on an empty belly. This super-simple strategy can be easily achieved by lifting weights in the morning before your bodybuilding breakfast.

    So is it effective?

    Consider this inspiring example: when preparing for the action movie The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman would routinely train at 5am before food. The result? The Aussie actor was transformed into a lean and mean Wolverine! 

In Summary

Don't know your T-bone from your tofu?

Knowing the best muscle building foods is a vital part of the muscle building equation, and will positively influence any gains you might make.


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