MANTA RAY - The MantaRay Squat

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The Manta Ray is a revolutionary marvel of home gym equipment and a MUST-HAVE for the serious squatter. Weighing little more than a few ounces, it is a muscle building miracle worker!

So what makes this blue gem so revolutionary and why should you want one?

Check out the benefits:

  • Say goodbye to shoulder pain
  • Say goodbye to back discomfort
  • Build muscle fast
  • Say hello to an improved, turbo-boosted squat.
Pretty cool, huh?

So I'm guessing you're wondering just how the heck this marvel works its magic and what a MantaRay is?

MantaRay Explained

The Manta-Ray is a polyurethane device that snaps onto a squat bar. Acting as a load distributor, the training aid transfers the squat bar's load by as much as 1600%!

This load distribution is like comparing a bed of nails to a single nail!!

Furthermore, this training aid will fit any body, shape or size. Since the device sits on the traps (shoulders), it is a guaranteed fit.

These impressive features, means a squat session will NEVER be terminated because of shoulder or back pain - a common reason for ditching a last set or rep. Since these are THE muscle building reps, it is vital shoulder pain should be avoided, therefore allowing the body to grow.

    I can personally recommend The MantaRay. Having used it in my own workouts, it is the most inexpensive but valuable piece of squatting kit you will ever use!

    For more recommendations, see: Manta Ray

More great news?

If you're unsure The MantaRay is for you, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Furthermore, this amazing piece of fitness equipment comes with a 3 year warranty, and this includes commercial or home gym use!

For an individual, this makes it a bombproof, lifetime investment - how cool is that?

For a look at The MantaRay in action, CLICK HERE!

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