SQUAT BAR - For Those About To Squat: We Salute You!

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Your choice of squat bar can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE not only to your muscle building results, but also to your enjoyment of this productive exercise.

This enjoyment translates to certain gains and an eagerness to train...

TWO VITAL COMPONENTS in achieving your muscle building and fitness goals!

Bar Options

Your options begin with a regular plate-loading bar, or an Olympic plate-loading bar.

For the beginner, a regular bar is fine. But for the long-term, the best bar you can afford is the way to go, which in most cases means Olympic.

Since a quality bar will last you a lifetime, the cost of an Olympic bar isn't prohibitive. If choosing wisely, your bar will repay you handsomely!

Squat Bar Choices

What should you look for in a quality bar?

Since you'll be lifting some serious iron, you'll want a bar that won't buckle under the weights, and will take all the iron you'll throw at it.

You want a bar that is bomb proof!

    For a bomb proof bar, see Everlast 140kg Olympic Weight Inc. 20kg 7ft Bar

Squat Progress

Your progress with the squat bar and the squat exercise in particular, hinges on not pushing yourself too fast and too hard.

To maximise results, begin with a weight you can squat 20 repetitions with and do 6 repetitions.

Your next workout, you add two reps (8 repetitions).

By workout three, you add two more reps bringing your rep total to 10 repetitions...

NOW is the time to add more weight to your bar!

On reaching 10 repetitions you add 2 lb (1 kg) to your bar then begin your next work out at 6 repetitions.


  • If you add too much weight to your bar, you will kill progress
  • Small and steady gains are the way forward
  • Do NOT rush
  • You have TIME.

Pushing The Progress Envelope

By working within ourselves, we nudge the progress envelope along a little bit further.

Your patience and a rock-solid plan will get you where you want to be; there is no hurry...

You have all you need right here!

Squat Bar Accessories

Your accessories can be narrowed down to the following:

  • Squat Rack
  • Power cage
  • Manta Ray - see how this revolutionary device will turbo-boost your squat!
  • Resistance Bands - Your Anytime, Anywhere, Any Intensity Training Tool!
  • Fractional Plates

While most of the above aren't necessary, they will aide you in making gains.

However, heavy-duty squat stands ARE necessary. Your safety is important and should be your primary concern.

For a super-safe alternative, consider a quality Power Cage or Squat Rack. Not only is this the SAFEST squatting option, but a cage or rack allows you to chin and dip and bench-press too!

    For more about squat racks and stands, see Squat Rack

Enter The Hex-Bar!

But what if you want the productivity of the squat exercise WITHOUT the inconvenience of stands and cages?

What choices do you have?


Let's go see :-)

Go to THE HEX BAR - Deadlift Hex Bar

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