"The Dip Exercise - How to Build Pecs Like Marvin"

Want to build pecs like Marvin?

The dip exercise will do for your upper body what the squat will do for the rest of you.

Dip Exercise Benefits

An excellent alternative to the traditional bench press is the parallel bar dip. Moreover, if you are looking to build your pecs in addition to stimulating growth in your deltoids and triceps, the dip exercise is your number 1 choice.

However, like the squat exercise, the parallel bar dip takes some practice. Indeed, the strength required to dip in perfect form is sometimes beyond the beginner. But there is good news...

Like the squat, the dip's mastery more than repays any effort involved.

Check out these dip exercise benefits:

  • A full chest
  • Broad shoulders
  • Toned arms
  • Increased power
  • Improved posture
  • Energy to spare.

Unsure if the dip exercise is for you? Still need further convincing?

Let me share some history.

Marvin Eder - Biceps from the Bronx

There are few musclemen from yesteryear whose physiques would still look good by today's standards. However, one man whose accomplishments continue to amaze is Marvin Eder.

How did "The Biceps From The Bronx" build his physique? 

Marvin predominantly trained with compound movements like the bench press, the squat, and the parallel bar dip exercise.

For an example of the man's might, consider how Marvin Eder, at 197 pounds bodyweight, performed a dip of 434 pounds in 1953 - a staggering feat of upper body strength!

Photo courtesy of statue6060

The Dip Exercise - 5 Simple Training Tips for Your Upper Body

1. Forget flyes.

The parallel bar dip is a beast exercise for the upper body. By working the upper body effectively, this exercise puts you on the fast track to building muscle size. Want to build pecs like Marvin? Forget dumbbell and machine flyes, as they just won't pack on the beef like this proven mass-builder.

2. All tied up. 

Begin working up to the point where you are tying heavy weights around your waist. Use Marvin Eder as your inspiration in your desire to build strength and power. Concentrate on adding a little more iron to your exercise every few workouts like this strongman of yesteryear and you will grow.

3. Budget-friendly.

Purchase the best dip station your budget will allow. Your choice of dip station or dip bar will positively impact your gains. As always select exercise equipment that is of solid construction and will provide unyielding service. For example, a freestanding dip station will happily serve your exercise needs, just as a chin dip station or power station will provide added flexibility.

4. Practice perfect form. 

Effective strength training demands perfect exercise form - the parallel bar dip is no different. Whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to cheat the weight up. Instead earn your strength gains. For the beginner trainee unable to do dip exercises on a power station, use the bench press instead. Very soon the beginner trainee will build the strength required to take advantage of this fantastic exercise, leading to greater gains for the upper body.

5. Technique twist.

Serve your dips with a technique twist. Ever hear of 21's? This technique consists of a set of 21 repetitions performed in three segments. Here is what you do: for the first seven reps you do the first half of the movement; the second seven you do the second half of the movement; for your final seven reps you do the full range of movement. Most likely you've done 21's with curls, but here is something you might not know - this technique twist works a treat with compound moves like the dip.

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