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Confused about nutrition?

Unsure which muscle building foods you need, and whether your diet is doing you harm?

Open your morning newspaper, and this week's 'nutrition villain' is likely to be salt, or sugar, or eggs, or beef, or chicken, or salmon, or any combination of the above!

Yet this confusion CAN be avoided by enlisting some basic, healthy eating principles!

Muscle Building Diet Basics

3 square meals a day! Do you remember that as a kid? 3 square meals with maybe some supper thrown in before bedtime if you got hungry... happy days :-)

So am I suggested we get back to basics? Yes. I am. And this suggestion doesn't arrive by way of 'rose-tinted spectacles' but has its basis in 'nutrition scientific fact'!

Grazing Is For Sheep

The diet and snack industry would have us believe 'grazing' is the healthiest way to feed ourselves:

Grazing = small meals taken often.

However, if this were true, caveman would have died out along with the woolly mammoth!!

Biologically, our stomachs and digestive tracts are designed to 'feed until full'...then they should be left alone until the next meal (normally taken when hungry every 4-6 hours).

Eating from habit, or design, is unnatural and should be avoided...

Instead we should 'listen' to our bodies by following what nature intended:

Eat when hungry, and make healthy, natural choices when you come to feed.

If we were meant to graze, we would have the digestive tracts of sheep!

Heroes And Villains

So how did we lose sight of this fact? And who is the villain?

If there is a villain, it is the snack industry. (Boo! Hiss!) Ignore it, and you'll do away with the extra sugar, salt, etc. that is a part of most people's diets and that your body just doesn't want or need.

Common sense tells you this is true. Avoid the junk and your body will thank you :-)

The benefits:

  • Clearer skin
  • Improved digestion
  • Relaxing sleep
  • More energy
  • Feel healthy
Other villains include the media (TV, magazines, etc.) that leads to a continual bombardment from all angles - a bombardment that is next to impossible to avoid.

Yet just because there is a trap, it doesn't follow we should fall into it!

By becoming sheep, literally and metaphorically, we surrender our power.

Instead we should return to what works...we should embrace the simple, and DO WHAT MATTERS!

The biggest and widest-reaching changes you can make, is to 'listen to your appetite'.

    By eating when you are hungry and making healthful, healthy choices, you'll add a VITAL FITNESS TOOL to your growing muscle-building armory.

    Make THIS CHANGE TODAY and your body will respond.

    Don't be one of the sheep, or the extinct woolly mammoth... Instead, be your own person by putting your health and nutrition first :-)

Now things are going to get interesting...


I'm going to take a peek inside your refrigerator!

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