Sponsorship - a Special Kind of Partnership


o you want your business seen by a growing fitness audience? Or how about your product viewed by enthusiastic and responsive visitors?

Then read on, as you discover what a special kind of partnership can do for you!

Power to the People

If you run a business you will know people are your lifeblood. Moreover, your success - either online or offline in your busy high street - is in direct proportion to your number of visitors. 

Faced with this challenge, the business owner will typically turn to advertising...

...and find themselves confronted by the following problems:

    • ADVERTISING COSTS. Here in the UK, it is not uncommon to pay £100 per month for a business card-sized advertisement in a small circulation newspaper
    • INVISIBLE. Your monthly print ad is only "looked at" as the reader skims through the publication
    • INFLEXIBLE. There is often little opportunity for graphics or color
    • LIMITED. A "static" ad means there is absolutely NO OPPORTUNITY of a "click through"
    • SMALL READERSHIP. Your audience is restricted to your particular region or country.

~ ~ ~

You can see how this type of advertisement presents a poor return on your investment.

So what's the solution? Is there a more EFFECTIVE way to promote your business or service?

How Our Site Can Benefit You 

Let's begin with some of our figures:

- Visits from over 130 countries each month

- Over 200,000 visitors last year

- An expanding list of loyal subscribers to our monthly newsletter

- Original, targeted, relevant content

- An Alexa ranking in the top 3% of all sites worldwide.

~ ~ ~

Our site is flourishing, but how have we achieved this?

The answer is simple.

We share the same passion for fitness as our visitors...

...the SAME visitors who could just as easily be interested in your service or product. 

I Want to Become a Sponsor - What Do I Get?

Becoming a sponsor goes much further than increased traffic to your site or business. As a sponsor, your banner ad will feature on all of our pages: this means your company or product gets seen by our visitors wherever they might be on our site - great business branding for you.

Also, your banner ad will go into our monthly newsletter.

The benefits?

Our subscribers have the opportunity of discovering you too, providing excellent value and a further boost to your traffic.

Ad Formats to Suit Your Budget

With the valued support of our visitors, Ordinary Joe Muscle Building continues to go from strength to strength - so why not become part of this phenomenon, as you choose the package that best suits you?

Your sponsorship/advertisement format options are:

Sponsorship Button (5 available - 120 x 120 pixels)

And what if you want to advertise with us on a specific page?

Advertising Banner (above the fold - 468 x 60 pixels)

How Do I Become a Sponsor?

Because we want the very best for our visitors, we only work with businesses or individuals we respect. Also, with only 5 sponsorship slots available, spaces are at a premium.

    "So are you ready to see what a special kind of partnership can do for you?"

For more information and a tailor-made package that fits you, please contact us by filling out the Advertising Inquiry form below.

Advertising Inquiry

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Sponsorship to Muscle Building

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How Sponsorship Works

So what is the difference between Site Sponsorship and Advertising?

  • Web advertising is an advertisement which is typically a banner, a graphic image, or animated graphic, that advertises and links to a particular company or product. The ad is usually purchased to run on a single page or multiple pages that relate to the product or company that is advertised.
  • The relationship between the web site and advertiser is fairly cut and dry. The rates vary depending upon page traffic and whether the ad is placed above the fold or below. Usually the ad will run for a set period of time. Generally, the relationship between the web business and advertiser is limited.
  • Site Sponsorship, on the other hand, implies a relationship between the web site and the advertiser. The relationship goes far beyond the website/advertiser relationship, and it is more like a partnership. When an advertiser 'sponsors' a site, they are simply saying, "We really like this site, we are friends of this site, and we support its efforts."
  • Generally, the ad for the site sponsor is placed above the fold and is located in a designated area labeled 'Site Sponsors.' Unlike an advertisement, your sponsorship ad is also site-wide, which means your advertisement banner and link is displayed on EVERY single page of the site - the benefits to you? Every visitor to our site sees your sponsorship ad.