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Looking to squat? Then you'll need a Squat Rack in your quest to build muscle.

Furthermore, this piece of kit will be one of THE most valuable purchases you will ever make!

So what should you look for when making your choice?

Let's go check out the options!

Homemade Racks

We'll begin with the homemade option first as this can be a cost-effective and perfectly serviceable solution for those on a budget.

So how do you build a Homemade Squat Rack?

Options include, sturdy benches; solid tables; rugged stools; squat racks and stands built from timber or constructed from steel; etc... indeed, the alternatives are limited only by your imagination!

For a while I used two steel brackets fixed to a garage wall and they worked just fine. The cost? Less than five bucks!

Just be sure to test your homemade stand or rack first, and for the cost of a Big Mac, you're good to go!

    Important: Safety should ALWAYS be your prime consideration when selecting your stands or rack. Having your equipment FAIL YOU is the stuff of nightmares, so please show caution and choose WISELY.

    For more about homemade racks, see: Homemade-Squat-Rack

And what if you're looking to buy?

Basic Racks

Squat racks come in all shapes and sizes. For a functional low cost option, go with a basic rack.

This option, while limited, will provide you with a super-safe platform from where you can squat.

However, if you are looking to spend a little more, I would recommend considering a squat platform combo rack of some kind.


A squat platform combo rack gives you more exercise options which means MORE muscle building routine choices!

A fine reason for spending that little bit extra ;-)

Squat Cage

A Squat Cage is another excellent option. If looking to squat SAFELY, this choice is without equal!

For the hardcore trainee lifting Herculean weights, this is an EXCELLENT piece of muscle building kit due to the cage's adaptability and functionality.

Furthermore, you can lift confident in the knowledge that you are 100% SAFE!

In Summary

Your choice of rack or stands is IMPORTANT.

Consider that a rugged set of racks or stands will outlast you, then it's a small price to pay for something that will provide a lifetime's valuable service.

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