The Squats and Milk Menace Lurking in Your Workout

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Looking to build muscle fast?

Discover the squats and milk menace lurking in your workout.

Squat Training

Gain 30 pounds of muscle fast! Sound familiar? We have all heard the muscle gain stories and just as likely been seduced by them.

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No doubt, you will have read the fantastical tales of once 7-stone weaklings magically transformed into babe magnets overnight. The message that rings loud is: "Build a more muscular body, and THIS CAN BE YOU!"

Yet is such a transformation likely or even realistic?

Muscular gains of this type are routinely promised by the squats and milk program. But what these weight gain routines NEVER mention, are the dangers secretly lurking in their workouts. Instead, you get the fairy tale when you need to discover the menace skulking in the shadows.

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Milk + Squats = Bad Medicine

Have you ever been so poorly that you needed a trip to the doctor? Even Superman gets sick sometimes, so I am guessing your answer will be yes.

During your visit to your doctor's surgery, you were no doubt examined and duly prescribed medicine of some type like antibiotics, and after taking your tablets, found yourself feeling better. What you DIDN'T DO is take all your pills at once. Why? To do so is reckless and dangerous and will likely lead to an overdose and poison you (or in very grave cases, kill you). No. Instead, you were careful to follow the instructions that came with your tablets and made sure you took the needed and REQUIRED dosage and NO MORE.

This brings us back to our menace and the bad guy in our story. So who is he?

He is many things, but will happily answer to any of the following:

  • Excess,
  • Glut,
  • Overkill.
In the same way taking too much medicine can poison you, so will our strength training foe. He is a dangerous overdose. He is, if you didn't guess already, bad medicine.

How to Squat Safely

So why are squats and milk such bad medicine? Allow me to explain. Full bore squats can only be performed infrequently with plenty of rest between workouts. The same holds true for milk consumption: any foodstuff - and this includes a protein-rich food source such as milk - consumed beyond need, is potentially hazardous to your health.

Please note:

No amount of extra protein calories consumed beyond need will speed up the muscle growth process!

Why? Science shows any kind of mass gains are largely dictated by your genes: for example, if you find muscle growth difficult, this is the hand you were dealt and no workout protocol - milk and squats included - will change that. This is why the typical milk and squats program can be so harmful to you.

So what can you do?

You can learn how to squat safely. You can ignore the fairy tale promises of 30 pound muscle gains in favor of something more realistic and achievable.

Now that's good medicine.

In Summary

Looking to build muscle fast? Discover the squats and milk menace lurking in your workout.

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