80 20 Law - Whale Hunt in the Desert

by Lee

The book Whale Hunt in the Desert by Deke Castleman describes how Las Vegas casinos get 20% of their income from a super-elite class of gamblers affectionately called "Whales".

These whales fly in on private jets and bet $100,000 on a single round of blackjack. So valuable to the casinos are these ultra-high rollers, that all their needs are catered for - this includes: penthouses, personal chefs, dedicated staff, perks, amenities, and every high-end luxury that remains exclusively invisible to the average user and hotel guest.

Feeling guilty about the ten bucks you spend per week on lottery tickets? Don't. Whales think nothing of gambling away millions of dollars, making the casino owners in Sin City exceedingly rich!

So, what does this have to do with abbreviated training?

Well, just like the Vegas casinos, the 80 20 law works with exercise too. This means that 20% of your routine typically delivers 80% of the results.

Now this law isn't always exactly 80/20. Sometimes it's 90/10 or 75/25. But whatever the number is, the law is an important principle to keep in mind because you can apply this science to your training today.

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