"Deadpool Superhero Workout - Two Critical Exercises to Develop X-Men Strength"

DISCOVER how the Deadpool superhero workout develops freaky fitness and X-Men strength.

Fitness Has a New Face

Okay, I have a confession to make. I'm a comic-book movie nut. This means, whenever there's a new superhero film playing at the cinema, I make it my mission to be first-in-line with Pepsi and popcorn bucket.

The latest Marvel flick to hit the silver screen is Ryan Reynolds' wisecracking 'Deadpool'. In the story, Reynolds plays an ex-soldier diagnosed with terminal cancer who is offered X-Men regenerative powers that keep him alive. (Spoiler alert: I dare you not to wince when Deadpool finds a novel way to escape some handcuffs!) 

For Reynolds, the film would be a real labour of love. Stuck in development hell, and taking eleven years to make, the role required the movie-star to get into tip-top shape.

Deadpool Superhero Workout

To get freakishly fit for the part, Reynolds worked with longtime celebrity trainer Don Saladino. Yet they didn't only want to build an aesthetically pleasing Hollywood physique. Instead, their goal focussed on brutal, X-Men strength.

Making this happen saw them use movement training each day before they went to the weights. Then, Saladino made two critical exercises the cornerstone of Reyonlds' Deadpool superhero workouts. Can you guess what they were? Yep. You got it...

Deadlifts and squats!

Saladino had this to say: "Ryan loves deadlifts, and he loves squats because he knows that's how he's going to make real gains."

These gains would see the Deadpool actor chiselled like Bruce Lee as he gamely did battle with the bad guys. Yet I know what you're thinking... you don't have time to train for hours, 6 days per week.

And that's okay, because you don't have to!

That's right.

You can build muscle, lose fat and boost fitness in just minutes by training smart.

Saladino says, "Fitness isn't about working out 60-90 minutes, 6 days a week. This is why people aren't successful. It's about getting in a little bit, even if it's just 5 minutes."

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