Anaerobic Exercise Benefits - How High Intensity Training Workouts Conquer Diabetes

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How can anaerobic exercise benefits conquer diabetes in the time you boil an egg?

High intensity training workouts show the way.

High Intensity Training Workouts

Less than a minute's high intensity exercise three times a week - the time it takes you to boil your breakfast egg - not only builds your body, but can also target Type 2 Diabetes.

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These exciting findings appeared in a recent breakthrough study and showed the benefits of anaerobic exercise go far beyond building a stronger body, but can help conquer deadly diseases too.

This groundbreaking research was conducted by Dr Niels Vollaard of the University of Bath. In the experiment, volunteers performed two 20-second sprints on exercise bicycles three times a week. The bicycles were set to a high resistance so the volunteers were able to exercise at much higher intensity levels than normal. With an easy warm-up and cool-down, the total time of the high intensity training workouts was under 10 minutes.

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Anaerobic Exercise Benefits

So what happened?

    Dr Vollard explains: "Our muscles have sugar stores called glycogen for use during exercise. To restock these after exercise, our muscles need to take up sugar from the blood. In inactive people, there is less reason for the muscles to do this, which leads to poor insensitivity to insulin, high blood sugar levels, and eventually Type 2 Diabetes."
So the anaerobic exercise flicked a switch in the muscles to release sugar - but is this type of training effective?
    Dr Vollard goes onto say: "We know of no quicker and easier way of getting the muscles to use glycogen than with the short sprints we used in our study. These sprints break down as much glycogen in 20 seconds as moderate endurance exercise would in an hour."
Did you get that? This means the anaerobic exercise was 180 times more effective than its aerobic counterpart. Or to put it another way, a massive 18,000 % more effective.

Isn't that amazing?

And the good news doesn't stop there...

Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

This study was published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, and makes fantastic reading for anyone who practices strength training. Why? Just like our high intensity cycling volunteers, you get to realize the same benefits of anaerobic exercise by lifting heavy iron.

Indeed, a well-structured, ultra-abbreviated strength training workout is one of the best anaerobic exercises you can do.

Consider the life-threatening damage diabetes causes to the heart, kidneys, eyes and limbs - along with the terrifying toll this killer disease places on the health services for treatments and care - and suddenly high intensity training becomes the best kind of life insurance you can take.

In Summary

How can anaerobic exercise benefits conquer diabetes in the time you boil an egg?

High intensity training workouts show the way.

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