"Muscle Building Exercises - 3 Key Exercises for Muscle Building from the 1930s"

Searching for the top muscle building exercises?

The strongmen of the 1930s hold the key!

Exercises for Muscle Building

It seems the strongmen of yesteryear knew a thing or two about muscle building, with tales of trainees commonly gaining 20 lbs in less than a month becoming legendary.

What exercises did they use? Can YOU do the same?

To discover the best strength training exercises we must turn a reverential eye to the past.

Simple Muscle Building Exercises 1930s Style

Our story begins with a 128 lbs and 5' 10" Peary Rader. Despite 12 years' strength training in an attempt to develop his physique, a frustrated Rader hears of the astounding muscular gains made by J.C. Hise and decides to contact him.

Doing nothing but the squat exercise and presses behind the neck, Joseph Curtis Hise gained 29 lbs in one month. These gains were later corroborated and verified by Mark Berry with Hise going on to document his muscle building formula thus:

Heavy breathing squats + wholesome food + milk + rest = incredible growth in muscular size and strength.

And since Hise ALSO trained outdoors using a squat rack made from tree limbs braced against the wall of a shed, he proved the simplest strength training equipment - if used effectively - can produce startling results.

Exercises Used by Rader

  • Squat exercise
  • Chin up
  • Press behind neck

Despite Rader's previous poor gains, the later founder of IronMan Magazine added 10 lbs of good muscle in the first month.

In two years Rader went onto gain 70 lbs of bodyweight, and would later become the heavy weight lifting champion of the Midwestern AAU district, including South Dakota, Nebraska and western Iowa.

Top Muscle Building Exercises

What can we learn from these strongmen of yesteryear? Simply, that the best exercises for muscle building - correctly utilized - yield terrific results. Moreover, an effective strength training routine should include exercises which stimulate maximum growth in ALL the major skeletal muscles in the minimum time.

Top muscle building exercises include:

    1. The deadlift or Olympic clean and jerk. The deadlift exercise is a supreme growth exercise as it works every muscle on the backside of the body, including the deltoids, the forearms, and just about every other muscle.

    And if you want to unleash your inner caveman? Discover the benefits of the Olympic clean and jerk

    2. Close-grip pulldown or chin up. The chin up exercise will not only work the latissimus muscles on the back, the deltoids and forearms; but is the most effective exercise to build bigger biceps.

    3. Parallel bar dip. The dip exercise will do for your upper body what the squat exercise will do for your whole body. This proven muscle builder works the pecs, deltoids, traps and triceps.

    For more muscle building advice, see Muscle Building Tips and Free Workout Routines

In Summary

The strongmen of the 1930s knew a thing or two about muscle building. Moreover, they knew which muscle building exercises yield the best results - these same exercises can do the same for you.

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