Barbell Routine - Ready to Say R.I.P. to Your Barbell Workout?

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eady to say R.I.P. to your barbell routine, or has your barbell workout already got one foot in the grave?

Barbell History

So are we REALLY ready to consign the traditional barbell routine to the graveyard?

The history books would suggest not. From Sandow to Arnold, it is well documented how the barbell has forged some fabulous physiques, making any obituary writers a tad presumptuous!

But what of the counter argument which claims these genetic marvels would have sculpted such physiques REGARDLESS of the training tools used?

Machine Mayhem

Many experts believe this to be true. After all, who is to say Arnold wouldn't have realized his full muscular potential using machines in preference to the humble barbell?

Nautilus creator, Arthur Jones would have certainly believed so. In a landmark 1970s Colorado experiment, Jones would show the efficacy of machines when used with abbreviated, high-intensity training - and not a single barbell in sight!

So perhaps the question we REALLY need to ask ourselves, is how EFFECTIVE is your barbell training?

    "Rest in Peace" Mister Undertaker?

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Photo courtesy of David Seto

Barbell Training

For our answer, we need to evaluate not only the training tools used - in this case, the traditional barbell - but also the methods employed, and whether your barbell workout allows you to train progressively and injury-free.

    Important: if your barbell bench presses, or squats, or deadlifts are HURTING YOU, then your workout is not only ineffective, but is positively DANGEROUS.

A program's efficacy can be measured thus:

    Does your barbell training promote a size and strength increase while allowing you to lift safely?

If your answer is "no", then you will do well to investigate other alternatives in your quest to get strong:

  • Could sandbag training be an option for you?
  • Or how about exercising with machines?
  • Kettlebells?
  • Resistance bands?
What IS important, is that you find a method of training that is specifically tailored to YOU.

Do this, and your routine is no longer something to be feared, but becomes your lifeline to strength and fitness.

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