"Free Weight Training Exercises - Your 3-Step Kick-Ass Iron Man Guide"

Searching for the best free weight training exercises?

Your kick-ass Iron Man beginner guide guarantees your gains.

Strength Training for Beginners

Nothing kicks ass quite like heavy iron.

Want to get in shape? Don't know which weight training exercises to choose?

No problem.

The following beginner guide shows you the best free weight training exercises and explains how and why they work.

Machines vs Free Weights Exercises

But before we do that, you should know this: nothing beats the versatility of free weight training when compared to machines. In addition to royally kicking ass, training with free weights is simply a more effective way to build muscle and strength.

Why is that?

Well, one of the main reasons is how free weights involve more musculature than machine exercises, thereby making the movements more challenging. Because the stabilizer muscles are involved to a much greater extent during a barbell routine (take that, Tony Stark!), the training intensity is therefore significantly increased.

And some other free weights exercises benefits?

    • Free weights generally permit more freedom and flexibility to fit the individual.
    • Machines are usually more restrictive, and have the capacity to hurt and injure the trainee over time.
    • Free weights are cheaper and more versatile. A traditional barbell and free weights can allow for many exercises at a fraction of the cost, thereby making them ideal for beginners.

So now we know WHY free weights are so effective, which free weight training exercises should you choose?

Free Weight Training Exercises - Your Iron Man Beginners Guide to Weight Training

    1. Compound exercises.

    Weight training exercises come in two different types: compound, or isolation. A compound exercise is a multiple joint movement, and an isolation exercise is a single joint movement.

    An excellent example of a compound exercise would be the squat exercise. This is a multiple joint exercise because it involves movement at more than one joint, and thereby involves a lot of musculature. By comparison, the leg extension is a single joint exercise and involves movement at one point.

    Because of this, the whole body can be trained with only a handful of compound movements, making them the best weight training exercises for beginners.

    2. Core training exercises.

    The most effective compound movements are core training exercises. Excellent examples of the best core exercises are:

    An abbreviated training routine would commonly have between 2 and 5 core training exercises in it, targeting the upper and lower body.

    3. Beginner weight training routine.

    An effective beginner weight training routine concentrates on the core training exercises like the squat. Why? The core training exercises are the movements that will build the substance of your physique most efficiently.

    (Important: the weight training beginner needs to first gain muscle mass before concerning himself with isolation exercises.)

    Generally speaking, ALL your efforts should go into getting big and strong using core muscle exercises. Add significant poundage to the big movements like the deadlift and the chin up, and your body will reward you with commensurate strength and size.

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