Barbell Squat and Barbell Hack Squat

by Ian Thomas

Should I try these two squat variations to train my legs from a different angle - barbell squats one week and barbell hack squats the following week?

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Barbell Squats vs Hack Squats?
by: Lee

Barbell squats vs hack squats? Both squat variations are fine exercises. However, I would refrain from swapping and changing exercises too much - far better you find a movement you really enjoy and can benefit from, and work at it vigorously.

Also, when you practice the same exercises from workout to workout you make record keeping easier and allow your body the time and opportunity to grow.

Don't fall into the trap of making things complicated. Training diversity for its own sake can be a recipe for disaster because oftentimes there is insufficient structure and consistency.

Training diversity and variety are only valuable if they help your overall progress and results.

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