Barbell Squats at Home

by Ian Thomas

I have only 1 set of adjustable dumbbells. Can I get by with just 1 set in my home gym? And i only do barbell squats at home can i build huge legs without a leg extension apparatus?

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All You Need to Get Big and Strong
by: Lee

Hi Ian,

A set of adjustable dumbbells and a barbell for squats and/or deadlifts is all you need to get big and strong. Also, you can build your legs more efficiently WITHOUT a leg extension apparatus. Why? Science shows compound movements like squats and deadlifts stimulate the mechanisms of growth most effectively - these mechanisms are both local (muscular) and systemic (hormonal), and intense, lower-body work like the barbell squat is your key to unlocking size and strength.

And what about one set? Is that enough?

The scientific literature suggests that one set is ALL the stimulus that is required. For example: In 1997, physiologists conducted a 10-week training study of weight lifters testing various set schemes. And their findings? One set per exercise was just as effective as two and four set protocols for improving muscular size and strength.

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