Basic Aerobics... Your 3 Steps to Aerobic Fitness

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Feeling tired all the time? Need more energy?

Your 3 Steps to basic aerobics will put you on the road to recovery!

Farmyard Fitness

My uncle was a farmer back in the 1970's. He farmed dairy cows which meant very early starts for the milking and feeding, with days commonly beginning before cockcrow at 4 a.m. I remember how we used to drive up to see him in my dad's powder-blue Ford Cortina - the journey taking over 4 hours from our coastal home to rural Leicester - and how the farmyard smells used to rudely assault our 'townie' noses on stepping out of the car.

I also recall my uncle's kitchen: a rustic room overlooking rambling fields, there was a wood stove that burned in the corner along with the ubiquitous Aga cooker that dominated the room's center and was the heart of this farmyard home.

My uncle took his meals at the kitchen's oak table. Our young family would usually arrive mid-afternoon from our journey, and would marvel, wide-eyed and incredulous, as my uncle devoured monster-sized sandwiches that would fell a man twice his size.

Indeed, it is THIS memory - amongst others - that lingers: the amount of food consumed from dawn to dusk, and how my uncle's energy supplies required constant replenishing due to the physical demands of his labors...

Back then there was no need of basic aerobics to keep fit and slim.

How times have changed :-(

Basic Aerobics... the curse of the sedentary lifestyle

If you scan your news-agent shelves, or browse your book store stands, you would be forgiven for thinking we enjoy rude health due to the vast array of information available to us. Sadly, however, this is grossly untrue. Indeed, if you follow the news, you will be aware that we are in the grip of an obesity epidemic which is killing thousands of people as you read this, and that this same epidemic is as dangerous as any cancer or mutating flu bug.

How did this happen?

Consider the following:

  • Poor nutrition choices
  • Infrequent exercise
  • Sedentary lifestyle.

Gone are the days when your job takes care of your basic aerobics needs. Work is now mostly sedentary, meaning most folks get little in the way of physical exercise...

    While the modern-day lifestyle is a wondrous thing, regrettably, such a lifestyle comes at a lofty price :-(

However, there is exciting news...

Basic aerobics exercise can REVERSE this trend, leading to a fitter, slimmer, and healthier you!

How does THIS sound?

  • More energy
  • Improved endurance
  • Lose fat
  • Feel healthy.
Happily, this can be achieved by following the basic aerobics guidelines below. And the GREAT news?

You WON'T need to rise every morning at cockcrow to get your aerobics exercise!

Basic Aerobics Guide - Your 3 Steps to Aerobic Fitness

1. Walk Back to Health. General health guidelines propose you walk 10,000 steps a day. While you can take many of these steps during your regular daily activities, if you spend most of your time working at a desk or otherwise lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may fall significantly short of this goal. HERE is where you WALK BACK TO HEALTH. The benefits to you? An energizing walk can be taken ANY time and anywhere. Take your walk before you sit down to lunch, and your appetite will reward you with a surge in energy. Indeed, a brisk 30 minutes walk will BOOST your metabolism which will carry over into the rest of the day!

2. Outdoors For Exercise. Oxygen is your body's natural rocket-fuel, oxygenating the blood as it powers your lungs. And where can you find a plentiful supply? Outside your front door! Indeed, so vital is this element, Eugene Sandow made it the backbone of his routine and muscle building programs. This same enthusiasm for the great outdoors was also shared by strongman Paul Anderson who regularly trained outside in the snow; clearly demonstrating the strongest men on the planet get their exercise outdoors!

3. Hindu Squat to Fitness. The Hindu squat is your fast-track to aerobics fitness. Hindu squats benefits include: improved endurance; better health; boosted metabolism; increased strength... and so the list goes on. Just like your daily walk, you can Hindu squat anytime and anywhere, which means you get your strength-building aerobic workout when YOU choose. Let this exercise work its magic, and you will build a foundation of basic aerobics fitness.

In Summary

Feeling tired all the time? Need more energy?

Your 3 Steps to basic aerobics will put you on the road to recovery!

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