"How to Hindu Squat in 3 Simple Steps"

Sick of the Stairmaster?

The hindu squat is your ultimate aerobic exercise you can take with you anywhere. 

How a Painful Knee Injury Prompts an Exciting Discovery

I stumbled on this remarkable exercise quite by accident. An injury to my right knee while running, meant my morning tabata training sessions along the beach were cruelly curtailed - an event which had me kicking my heels quite literally! (Finding a pot-hole in the sand left my knee badly twisted and bruised.)

Certain I hadn't broken anything, I set about rehab only to find my later stints on the exercise bike extremely painful, and kneeling something akin to torture (imagine a raging toothache behind your kneecap as a sadist angrily bats a hammer at your knee!)... Anyway, it was clear my usual recovery methods weren't working and I needed to do something to fix my injury...

Enter this special squat.

Hindu Squats History

    I vaguely recalled an exercise I had read about in our local library. The book had been pushed towards the back of the shelves, and blowing the dust from its jacket, I scanned the pages, little realizing my mild interest would soon turn to intrigue.

    The story that unfolded, detailed how this fabled exercise originated in ancient India and was one of the basic exercises that all Indian wrestlers performed to gain great strength and endurance. One of the most famous of these wrestlers was Ghulum Mohammed, otherwise known as the Great Gama. The great Gama was famous for his leg workout routine of performing 500 Hindu Squats a day to stay in peak condition. He became the Indian National Champion in 1909 and retired undefeated after participating in over 5000 matches.

    However, what caught my attention was this: in addition to building great endurance and peerless strength, this remarkable squat was rumored to own certain healing properties. Indeed, such was this exercise's power, this special squat had the further ability to safeguard and strengthen the knees!

    Could this amazing squat help me?

    Excited by my find, I eagerly began a tentative exploration of this exercise, and over a period of months, was able to perform deep-knee bends with NO PAIN WHATSOEVER. Moreover, I was able to kneel without ANY DISCOMFORT, and my stamina - a pleasurable bonus - took an exciting leap.

Now perhaps you're thinking my healing knee injury was a lucky coincidence or some fortunate fluke? I wondered the same.

However, later research revealed I was NOT ALONE in experiencing such hindu squats benefits. Many more testimonials agreed to these startling claims, making this special squat a must-have and YOUR number 1 aerobics exercise.

But the benefits don't stop there. This mighty movement also helps you with your muscle building as the following shows...

Hindu Squat Benefits

For our purposes, this exercise provides a basic aerobics routine to compliment your muscle building, thereby supercharging your workouts, pushing you on to further and greater gains.

Do you want to get fit? Do you want to lose fat?

You will achieve this and more, including...

  • Increased endurance
  • Improved relaxation
  • High metabolism
  • Better health...

And a further benefit? You can enjoy your aerobics workout anytime, anywhere.

Coming up next, I show you how to do the hindu squat.

For more Hindu Squats benefits and exciting background info, see Animal Kingdom Workouts - a site dedicated to Nature's Training Secrets.

How to Hindu Squat in 3 Simple Steps

    1. Magical metronome.

    Picture a free-weight squat where you squat down onto your toes, exhale, and on rising, you inhale deeply into your lungs (the traditional barbell squat breathing pattern in reverse)...

    This motion proceeds in a relaxed, metronome fashion, and continues for a couple of minutes...

    2. Perfect unison.

    As you descend into your squat, your arms remain at your sides to brush the ground at your heels, then you rise up bringing your hands up and out, level with your chest...

    With each ascent from your squat, you inhale deeply.

    With each descent into your squat, you blow out from your lungs...

    If exercising correctly, your breathing will match your squats in perfect unison:

    • Squat down, breath OUT
    • Squat up, breath IN...

    3. Rhythmic relaxation. 

    All the while the exercise continues in a rhythmic, relaxed state.

    On finishing your workout (a couple of minutes is plenty), jog on the spot for a further minute and you are done.

    Repeat this exercise alternate mornings, and you will lay a foundation of aerobic fitness.

    For more aerobic fitness tips, see Jogging 101 - a site dedicated to jogging strategies and techniques for all levels, keeping
you moving on the path to a better, healthier you.

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