Blood Type and Why Your Gym Results Suck

by Lee

Is your Blood Type "putting the bite" on your gym results? The following might shed some light on this bodybuilding bloodsucker!

Blood Type and Exercise

Just like your fingerprints, each of us responds to stress in our own unique way. None of us are immune from it - particularly if these stresses are prolonged and intense.

Sadly, much of this stress comes from daily modern life, putting the human body at the draining mercy of stress hormones being pumped continuously into our blood. But did you also realize your workouts provides an acute stress too, and that your blood type could dramatically influence your body's response to these training stresses?

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo writes about this in Live Right for Your Type, explaining how opposed blood groups need different forms of physical exercise to cope with their responses to stress demands. And the really exciting part? D'Adamo shows how you can turn your recommended course of exercise stresses from a life-draining negative into a positive force for good.

Your Blood Type Exercise Prescription

What does your blood type exercise prescription look like?

For example:

  • Blood type O's typically respond best to vigorous exercise such as strength training.

  • Blood type A's respond positively to lower intensity exercise such as yoga.

  • Blood type B's respond well to more moderate exercise such as swimming.

  • Blood type AB's respond favorably to more calming exercises such as Tai Chi.

How might this prescription impact your training?

In simple terms, if you are blood type O, you are more likely to respond well to the rigors of strength training, just as other groups are less likely to exhibit a favorable response.

Blood Type Simple Workout Routines

So does this mean only O blood types should strength train and everyone else should cancel their gym memberships?

Not at all. It means ALL blood groups - including type O's - might be better served with abbreviated, simple workout routines such as those championed on our site. The benefit to you? Less stress, more recovery time and improved gains.

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