"Building Muscle Goals - Are You Speeding Down a Highway to Hell?"

Building muscle goals provide your roadmap to success. Are you safely on-track or speeding down a highway to hell?

My 3-step guide holds the answer.

Photo courtesy of Will Ockenden

Your Personal Roadmap

A roadmap requires a destination. In the same way you wouldn't jump in your car without first knowing where you are going, the same holds true for your muscle building goals.

Here is where an easy-to-follow roadmap comes to your aid. Its aim? To provide clear directions in your quest to build muscle and steer you clear of any roadblocks or hazards.

And what are your building muscle goals?

Answering this is Step 1 on the highway to muscle building success.

Building Muscle Goals Roadmap

    1. What do you want?

    This is such a deceptively simple question, but it is something you might struggle to answer. For many the answer might be a vague "I want to get in shape". However, for your roadmap to be effective you must have a clear destination in mind which means you must be SPECIFIC.

    For example, substitute "I want to get in shape," for "I want to add 10 pounds of muscle to my body".

    This small but significant change makes your goal measurable. You are on your way.

    2. How will you record your progress?

    Your recorded progress is key to your success, which means you must find a simple, easy-to-follow way to chart your journey. Here is where a training log is so valuable.

    Your training log doesn't have to be anything complicated - an entry on your diary page is adequate. What is VITAL, is that you are consistent in tracking your progress. Effective strength training depends on it.

    3. I'm here - what happens next?

    Now is the time to make NEW GOALS. Why? Because it's exciting to know a simple roadmap can take you wherever you want to be!

    Just remember to be specific in your wording of your new goal; for example, "I want to run 5k with my son next July," is specific. This goal can now be broken down into measurable steps, with your destination - running 5k in July - clearly defined. An entry in your diary will show your first run, with each subsequent entries recording your journey.

    Your progress is now being clearly recorded. You have a roadmap!

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