Building Muscle on a Budget

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re you building muscle on a budget and want some wonga in your wallet?

These cash-friendly tips show you how.

Budget Friendly Tips

    1. Stop subscriptions.

    Most gym memberships are expensive, and attendance soon tails off after the January sign-ups and the battle to beat the xmas bulge. Instead, ditch the plastic. Your wallet/purse will thank you for it and your bank balance too. This is your biggest saving right here - a saving that can put hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

    2. Go aerobic in the outdoors.

    Why jog on a treadmill when there is fresh air waiting for you outside? Here is what you do: swap your gym or fitness club for your town or city's gardens and parks. This health investment costs you nothing and is tax-free! And hey, if you're fortunate to live near the coast, do your running on the beach - a terrific workout not only for your heart and lungs, but for your legs and butt too.

    3. Let's hear it for the band.

    Searching for a cost-effective gym for less than a handful of bucks? Then buy yourself some resistance bands with your saved cash. Easily portable to fit in your sports bag, you can quickly put together a workout and add resistance progressively.

    4. Body weight bodybuilder.

    Think you can't build an impressive physique using body weight exercises? Are squat thrusts for sissies and press ups for pansies? Then try press ups using one arm! Bruce Lee, when touring the US before he became a global superstar, would make one handed press ups part of his stage act. Today the Shaolin Monks display the same amazing levels of fitness and strength while touring their show - and not a dumbbell in sight.

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