Home Gym... Is YOUR Gym Bomb Proof?

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What do you REALLY need when choosing a home gym?

The ability to work out progressively is the number one answer!

Sadly, however, much home fitness equipment gets to spend its life as a dust trap beneath the bed :-(

Yet by making educated decisions on what you REALLY need, some terrific choices can be made!

The Benefits of a Home-Gym

  • Freedom to exercise when you want
  • Time-saving
  • Save CASH (gymnasium fees are expensive)
  • ALL the family can use it
  • Your PRIVACY!

Home-Gym Equipment - What You Need

What do you REALLY need when looking to set up a home gym?

Sounds a simple enough question?


Yet there is a tendency for folks to buy economy and either outgrow it, or be disappointed by it. Going for quality will make your home workout a pleasure - it will ADD to your muscle building enjoyment: something an inferior gym will never do.

Personal experience has taught me to go with the best your wallet, or purse will allow.

    For a quality home-gym, read real people’s testimonials of the Soloflex home gym, and get your questions answered in our Soloflex review page.


So what should you look for?

Something that is bomb proof wins my vote!


Because exercise equipment with rugged and solid construction, will not only give you faithful service, but will take everything you throw at it!

For example:

My own personal gym fulfils these requirements in spades... it is also flexible and adaptable, while giving me exactly what I want!

My gym allows me to train:

  • WHEN I want
  • How OFTEN I want
  • As LONG as I want
  • As LITTLE as I want (this is important, as sometimes a workout lasts less than a minute!)...
This gives me the freedom to exercise at a time and for a duration that suits me.

It also saves TIME.

For me, this is probably my number one benefit!

    For a bomb proof bar, see Everlast 140kg Olympic Weight Inc. 20kg 7ft Bar

    For a Mega-Shrug/Trap Hip Bar 1,000 LB + Capacity, see York Int'l Multi Hex Dead Lift/Shrug Bar This amazing bar has some exciting features including a "rock & roll" kickstand which allows easy plate loading and unloading!

'But isn't there a way to begin where I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars?'

Sure there is.

By embracing the ordinary-joe-muscle-building philosophy, and by training time-friendly, you can put together something terrific for less than a meal at McDonalds!

How Low-Tech can you go and begin to reap the ordinary-joe-muscle-building benefits?


Let's see :-)

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