"Does Muscle Burn Fat? Shocking 70s Experiment Shows How to Burn Fat Bodybuilding"

Does muscle burn fat and can you REALLY burn fat weight training?

A jaw dropping 1970s Colorado Experiment reveals the shocking facts.

Photo by Jo Christian Oterhals

Does Muscle REALLY Burn Fat?

For most folks, fat loss is a prime consideration when looking to get in shape.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that the fitness magazines in your corner shop trumpet the same "lose fat" message as we start the lazy and hazy days of summer. 

You want a beach body? That's great! Yet for many, the latest miracle diet or aerobics routine is a short-term fix for fat loss often leading to frustration and later weight gain.

But I have exciting news. This yo-yo dieting dilemma can be easily avoided with the RIGHT kind of fat burning exercise.

How Does Muscle Burn Fat Bodybuilding?

The following may sound like fat burning heresy...

But the best exercise to burn fat isn't jogging on the treadmill... or pedaling on the fitness bike at your local gymnasium... or indeed, any aerobics activity you might care to mention.

Instead, the best exercise to burn fat can be discovered in your weight training room.


Well, unlike body fat, muscle tissue is metabolically active. This means any muscle you build demands nutrients and calories for its growth, repair, and maintenance. And what is the best way to build muscle?

Bodybuilding exercise such as weight training. 

Does Muscle Burn Fat? The Colorado Experiment

So now you might be wondering, is it possible to steal calories from your own body fat to build muscle?

Here is where things get exciting. You see, there are those who propose a positive calorie balance is NOT necessary to build muscle while on a muscle building program. Moreover, they suggest the body can literally "steal" calories from your fat and shunt them to the muscles for growth.

A jaw dropping 1970s experiment revealed some shocking surprises...

    Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones claimed this during his one-month Colorado Experiment with Casey Viator, who gained 62 pounds of lean muscle. It was calculated Viator only consumed enough calories to account for a 45 pounds gain, which meant 17 pounds of body fat was sacrificed to build muscle.

    While these results are remarkable, how does this help the typical trainee?

    During the same experiment, Arthur Jones (who did not share Viator's genetic capacity for muscle building) was also monitored. Training with the same principles, Jones gained an impressive 20 pounds of muscle and dropped his body fat percentage from 6.3% to 4.46%.

    At this time, several members of the Denver Broncos Professional Football Team visited the lab to monitor the workouts. Excited at the results, the Broncos placed an order for several Nautilus machines and proceeded to train in an abbreviated, high-intensity fashion. In quick order, the team members began adding muscle and shedding fat as they proceeded to smash their own sprint and high jump records.

Best Exercise to Burn Fat?

So what is the best exercise to burn fat and build muscle?

You can burn fat weight training with core exercises like the barbell squat and the deadlift. Not only will these compound movements significantly boost metabolism but they will effectively build your body.

These two movements trained intensely and in an abbreviated fashion, are proven muscle builders and guaranteed fat burners. Indeed, to attempt to build muscle and lose fat without them will compromise your efforts such are their importance.

Follow this golden rule and you will soon burn your body fat ready for the beach this summer.

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