Dumbbell Deadlift vs Barbell Deadlift

by Pete

How important is foot placement for straight leg deadlifts? I find turning my toes out slightly helps with balance (my balance isn't so great).

Also, where do you stand on the barbell deadlift vs dumbbell deadlift debate, and will this exercise REALLY help me look like Superman? ;)

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Proper Straight Leg Deadlift Form
by: Lee

Foot placement for straight leg deadlifts is the same as for the barbell squat: find what feels comfortable, and go with that. Generally speaking, feet spaced at shoulder-width is best for the stiff leg deadlift with toes spaced slightly out (your foot placement sounds fine).

With regards to the dumbbell deadlift? Some great physiques have been built with this piece of apparatus like the legendary Eugene Sandow. However, while tremendously beneficial to your muscle building goals, I would stick with the traditional barbell straight leg deadlift, as you build a foundation of strength. Why? A traditional barbell will help stabilize your form as you work into heavier poundage and learn the stiff legged deadlift exercise. Once you are experienced enough, consider experimenting with the dumbbell deadlift. What matters most is training progressively (lifting more weight) with proper straight leg deadlift form...do this, and you'll soon give the man of steel a run for his money ;-)

Good luck, Pete!

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