EXERCISE ALTERNATIVES - The Fantastic Four Become The Magnificent Seven!

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The exercise alternatives below are included for the following important reasons:

  • Not everyone can Dip
  • Not everyone can Chin
  • Not everyone can Squat :-(

Fantastic Four's Extended Family - Exercise Alternatives Explained

In an ideal world, the ordinary joe would be able to dip and chin and squat. But sadly this isn't the case :-(

Sometimes a lack of strength means the dip exercise or chin exercise can't be used - being able to pull and push full bodyweight takes muscle! So for a beginner, exercise alternatives must be found. This is where The Fantastic Four's extended family come in!

Fantastic Four Become Seven

We'll be detailing the exercise alternatives in a moment, but for now take a quick look:

  • The Bench Press
  • The Upright Row
  • The Trap Bar Deadlift (Squatlift).
The above exercises should be familiar to you, apart from The Trap Bar Deadlift/Squatlift (more below).

Like the dip and the chin, the row and the bench press are compound exercise mass builders. However, unlike the dip and chin, these exercise alternatives don't require the brute strength to move full bodyweight (you can begin light!).

This isn't to say, you shouldn't aim to dip or chin as soon as you can - you should! - but first the strength has to be earned. (Don't worry. You'll soon get there!)

    Certain and steady is the way forward :-)

As with the dip and the chin exercises, the protocol remains the same: 3-5 repetitions then add 1/2 kg onto the bar.

Initially this amount might appear small, but DON'T be tempted to add more. The trick is to eke out gains slowly. Resisting the impulse to rush, while difficult, will repay you in the long run (this is why you will consistently make gains while others will fail).

Certain and steady, remember.

The tortoise versus the hare :-)

Squat Alternatives

For squat exercise alternatives we look no further than The Trap Bar Deadlift.

Again, as with the dip and chin, you should make every effort to squat. But if you can't (I struggle to squat effectively because of my height) then The Trap Bar Deadlift is a terrific exercise!

The Trap Bar Deadlift

If The Squat is Mr Fantastic, then The Trap Bar Deadlift is Doctor Doom!

The trap bar deadlift, or 'squatlift', easily earns its place amongst the 'beast' lower body exercises. Utilizing the push-pull protocol to the maximum, no other beast exercise targets more muscle mass in quite the same way.

Gerard Trap Bar

The Trap Bar is the invention of Al Gerard, a Powerlifter from North Carolina. Suffering with chronic back problems, he sought an exercise that targeted the legs in the same way as the squat while safeguarding the lower back. His solution was a lozenge-shaped bar he could stand inside while deadlifting.

By standing 'inside' the trap bar, and by removing the stress from the shoulders as in the squat, a more agreeable exercise was found. Freed from the squat's limitations, Gerard was able to make terrific gains while safeguarding his lower back.

A Personal Story

For a long while, I suffered with the same problem. Tall, at six-foot-two, I always struggled with the 'mechanics' of the squat. Having a tendency to 'lean' into the exercise, my lower back ALWAYS fatigued before my legs.

A solution arrived by switching my allegiance to this mighty exercise.

This switch allowed me to make terrific gains while saving my lower back.

Since my switch, I never missed a workout and never missed a target: gains began from the very first day!

The Beast Bites Back

For sure, the exercise is hard work. But no other exercise will yield results in quite the same way or is as productive:

    'The Biggest Bang For Your Buck', you will do well to embrace this fantastic exercise, for it will repay your efforts one-hundred-fold...

Make the 'squatlift' your number one choice for the lower body, and be amazed by your gains!!!

    For a Mega-Shrug/Trap Hip Bar 1,000 LB Capacity, see THE HEX BAR - Deadlift Hex Bar

The Magnificent Seven Ride

For those able to chin and dip and squat - make this your exercise routine...

And for those that can't, the above alternatives will make terrific substitutes in your quest for greater strength and fitness :-)

In Summary

Okay. So that's the introductions over. However, before we can put these 'fantastic' exercises to use, we first need to meet your program's equally Fantastic Principles:

The 'How' and the 'Why' of your ordinary joe muscle building routine!

For at this moment, you have the tools...

What you DON'T yet know is HOW TO USE THEM!

  • Get this WRONG and wave bye-bye to any results!
  • Get this RIGHT and say hello to a stronger, healthier you!
I'm excited for you. Why?

Because you're about to discover some SECRETS...

Along with some magic ;-)

Go to High Intensity Training - cycling intensity

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