"3 High-Intensity Hex Bar Training Tips Stolen from Pro Athletes"

Painful lower back? Discover how the hex bar became a valuable training tool for pro athletes with these hex trap bar training tips.

Can't Squat?

Not everyone can deadlift or squat. This unfortunately means the typical trainee misses out on some fantastic squat and deadlift benefits.

However, there is a solution. What is it?

Step forward the hex deadlift bar - a barnstorming alternative to the traditional barbell and absolute MUST-HAVE for the muscle building trainee.

Hex Bar History

So what is a hex deadlift bar and why should you want one? For our answer, let's talk a leisurely stroll back through history.

    This remarkable bar was the brainchild of Al Gerard, a North Carolina powerlifter who suffered from a painful lower back. Unable to train the deadlift productively, his idea was to create a parallel-handled 'frame' to stand in while exercising.

    Gerard reasoned this modified deadlift bar, or Trap Bar, would distribute the weight more in line with the body's natural centre of gravity thus removing the stress from the lower back. By doing this, the lower back is no longer the weak link when deadlifting.

    This subtle change lead to a more productive muscle building and strength training exercise - a benefit experienced by Al Gerard himself, as he witnessed strength gains in not only the deadlift but ALSO the squat!

    Moreover, Gerard noticed his traps had grown substantially and his grip had improved. Soon other serious lifters began to adopt this valuable training tool into their workouts, along with athletes and professional football stars...

And so was born the hex deadlift bar!

Introducing the York Int'l Multi Hex Dead Lift/Shrug Bar. This amazing bar has some exciting features including a "rock & roll" kickstand which allows easy plate loading and unloading. Moreover, this Mega-Shrug/Trap Hip Bar has a 1,000 LB + Capacity!

Hex Bar Deadlift - Using Your Bar

    1. Super safe.

    The first thing you notice using the bar, is how 'stable' you are. Unlike the squat exercise, there are no issues with balance, or spotting, or safety - instead you reach down, grip the handles, and PULL with your arms while you PUSH with your legs.

    To the home gym user training alone, this exercise is super-productive and super-safe - no worries about getting trapped under a heavy squat! Moreover, the stress goes onto the legs, hips and butt, while safeguarding the lower back.

    A dozen heavy reps and you KNOW you have been working out. Indeed, just ONE focused set is ALL that is required to kick-start the muscle building process, making it one of the most effective muscle building exercises known to man.

    2. Exercise caution.

    While the hex bar deadlift is one of the safest training exercises it is ALSO one of the TOUGHEST. Because of this, exercising to failure should be discouraged. Your strength training goal should be to build yourself up, and not beat yourself up, so cycle your intensity as you gradually add iron to your bar.

    For more, see 20 rep deadlift.

    Couple this exercise with the dip exercise and the chin up, and you will target ALL major muscle groups and begin the serious business of growing strong.

    3. Single leg loading.

    The hex trap bar is great for deadlifts and shrugs, but there are plenty of other awesome, lesser known movements that you can use it for too.

    For example: the hex bar is possibly the best thing you can choose for single-leg loading. Much easier to hold than dumbbells, it gives you the chance to lift heavy while training unilaterally.

    Don't believe me? Try the lunges exercise for added variety and feel your wheels light up like crazy!

    So, which are the best bars?

    I can recommend the following trap bars; all are bombproof, and all will put you on the road to peerless power:

  • The original Al Gerard Trap Bar has been re-launched (it is a true treasure) and for those looking to 'trap bar deadlift', the Gerard Trap Bar is difficult to beat. To discover more, visit: The Original Gerard Trap Bar
  • This next bar is the one I currently use. Expert-engineered, it is a joy. I recommend it. See what you think: Watson Gym Equipment - Olympic Shrug Bar 

In Summary

The hex bar is a barnstorming alternative to the traditional barbell and a must-have for the muscle building trainee. 

Do squats and deadlifts hurt your lower back? 

Then make this bar the linchpin of your training like the pro athletes and your gains will astound you.

To see this amazing bar in action, click on the video below...

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