"Forced Time Off from Training - May The Force be With You"

Sounds like crazy science fiction? 

Learn how forced time off from your training results in greater gains.

May The Force be With You

In his book The 80/20 Manager, Richard Koch cites a jaw-dropping experiment on the subject of "forced time off" and the amazing changes it can make. Here is what he discovered:

"...(Boston Consulting Group) consultants were obliged to take one day and one evening off, during which time they were not allowed to use email or voice mail...I’m sure you can guess the results. The teams who were forced to take days and evenings off rated higher not just on work–life balance but on job satisfaction, learning, personal development and open communication within the teams. Moreover, their clients reported greater value delivery than the clients of the control groups. Empirical proof that less really is more. 

"I’m waiting for someone to have the  courage to test what would happen if a team is forced to take off two days... then three, then four. Let’s see what happens when they work just one day and one evening each week." (page 174) 

Becoming a Jedi

If you are a regular visitor to my site, you won't be surprised by the results of this experiment. What might shock you, however, is Richard's suggestion that taking 2, 3, or even 4 days off per week might yield the same stellar results. How is that even possible?

For proof that "forced time off" really works, consider that Richard is speaking from personal experience here. He knows that, if approached correctly, taking MORE time off means getting MORE stuff done. 

Here are some numbers for you: 

  • Richard works about 1-2 hours per day. And has done so for years. 
  • He has also increased his net worth from $4 million to $228 million over that time. 
  • Richard has proven that less = more... but also that MUCH less = MUCH more, thereby becoming a true Jedi master in taking time off.

Feel the Forced Time Off

So, what does this have to do with your training?

Well, this 80/20 law is also applicable to your workouts. And just like the consultants at BCG, if approached correctly, taking more time off from your training means getting more done. 

The experiment above hints at why this is so profoundly true. Faced with the constraint of having to take time off, the guys at BCG suddenly found themselves having more discussions about HOW work was being done and fewer conversations about WHAT work was being done.

In every way, their effectiveness skyrocketed.

So forcing yourself to take time off will challenge you to make clearer, more strategic decisions?


And more strategic decisions means you make every second count when you enter the gym. The result? Less work = more muscle.

Now go check out Sarah's starship troopers...

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