"Hollywood Body Transformation Secrets"

Discover how Hollywood body transformation secrets help you create a strong and visually stunning physique.

Tinseltown Transformations

It seems everyone wants a Hollywood body these days.  Guys like Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) are the hot role models from Tinseltown right now.

Yet is it really any wonder when movie stars are more buff than ever?

A trip to your cinema (without popcorn if you are watching your waistline) provides all the proof that you need, as actors eagerly strip to their boxers to reveal rock-hard pecs and abs so sharp you could literally grate cheese on them!

How things change.

Not so very long ago, it was perfectly okay to train to improve the appearance of your physique. (Remember those Charles Atlas ads where the beefcake socks the beach bully on the jaw?)

Yet somehow, we lost sight of that.

From nowhere, muscle building sites began to care more about the raw numbers (the weight on your bar) - so, instead of building a great body, the question that commonly got asked was, how much can you lift?

But this presents you with a problem. You see, this "raw numbers" approach is really unhelpful to you when your goal is an aesthetic physique.

In fact, training for a 300 pounds bench, 400 pounds squat and 500 pounds deadlift could actually hurt how you look!

Visual Impact

Why is that? Writer Rusty Moore calls it "Meat-Head Madness" - and it happens when folks fall for the lie that appearance and style is only for pansies in Muscle Building Land.

Rusty is the author of Visual Impact, a strategic muscle gains guide specifically geared for the lean Hollywood look.

Yet 20 years ago things looked quite different for Rusty. Falling for this "Mead-Head Madness" lie, the author set himself the challenge to gain as much muscle as genetically possible.

And how did he intend to do this? Rusty set himself the target to get STRONG.

Soon Rusty's squats shot from sets of 6 with 225 pounds, up to sets of 6 with 405 pounds. Drawing admiring glances from other gym-goers, people would stop what they were doing to watch.

Sounds exciting?

You would think so.

Unfortunately, this type of training didn't create a great look. Sacrificing an attractive physique for "raw numbers" strength, Rusty felt sluggish and lethargic...

And worse. When he stared in the mirror, Rusty hated what he saw.

Hollywood Body Transformation

Yet fast forward to the present, and Rusty has turned his world around. No longer the "Meat-Head", in his place stands a lean, 6'3" guy with an athletic, Hollywood physique.

How did he do it?

By breaking many of the cardinal rules the muscle building sites teach as gospel.

Turning much of the so-called "muscle lore" on its head, Rusty would create a training program that is not only an engaging and fascinating read, but prompted me to revise many of my own training practices (yes, it is THAT good!).

If a Hollywood physique is something that interests you, then you should definitely check it out by clicking the link below...

Visual Impact - A Workout for the Lean Hollywood Look!

You will be happy to hear many of these exciting principles can be slotted into your abbreviated routines. The result? A body that is both strong and visually stunning.

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