Build a Lean Body - How to Get a Lean Body with the Treadmill Desk

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ant to build a lean body, but can't find time for the gym?

Learn how to get a lean body with the Treadmill Desk.

Build a Lean Body

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"I got ants in my pants and I want to dance," sang James Brown in the decade that brought you space hoppers and platform shoes.

Fast-forward 40 years, and this same passion for movement would see Dr James Levine invent the Treadmill Desk and show how to build a lean body without stepping into a gym.

And his secret?

To unravel the mystery, we need to look at how the average Briton spends their day.

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Mr and Mrs Average

If you enjoy a sedentary lifestyle like Mr and Mrs Average, you might be surprised to learn only 29% of women do the recommended amount of exercise, compared with 39% of men. Do those figures sound worrying to you? Now consider how the average male and female spend their time sitting for an alarming 12 to 14 hours a day, and suddenly the numbers start to look scary.

But, wait. You exercise at the gym - and that burns calories, right?

Recent research argues that the energy you burn off by exercises such as jogging at your local fitness centre is negligible when compared with natural movements like bending, walking...and yes, even dancing.

How to Have a Lean Body

To prove this, Dr James Levine of the Mayo Clinic developed Neat (None Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), and would show how your daily activity significantly impacts the number of calories you burn.

So how can you burn lots of calories without stepping into a gym? Dr Levine solved this problem by creating the Treadmill Desk. His idea? To walk on a treadmill while working at a desk built around a treadmill.

The test results were startling:

      Dr Levine's research showed subjects burned 100 extra calories while walking slowly - this means if a typical office worker were to replace 5 hours a day sitting at their desk with walking, they would expect to burn an extra 500 calories a day.

      Want an idea of what 500 calories looks like? 490 calories is the equivalent of a Big Mac from your local McDonalds.

      And what if individuals were to replace 8 hours a day of sitting at their office desk with walking slowly for one year? Figures showed subjects could expect a weight loss of 57 pounds, or the equivalent of 407 Big Macs!

You can see why sitting for 12 to 14 hours per day isn't only hazardous to your health, but is a worry for your waistline.

In Summary

Want to build a lean body, but can't find time for the gym?

Learn how to get a lean body with the Treadmill Desk.

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