"Why Your Hypertrophy Program 'Sucks' and Hasn't a Prayer of Building New Muscle"

Learn why coach Pete Sisco says your standard hypertrophy program sucks, and how it hasn't a prayer of building new muscle.

Hypertrophy Horror

So tell me something... Do you lurch from workout to workout like a confused zombie? Or does your training put the bite on you faster than Dracula at a Vampire Diaries convention? Then fear not, because I'm here to help you.

And we're going to start by hammering a stake into the heart of the number one, scariest training mistake you can possibly make. What is it?

We're talking about your standard hypertrophy program, and strength coach Pete Sisco is about to sink his teeth into this bloodsucking bad boy.

Interview with the Strength Coach

Publisher and author Pete Sisco is the developer of The World's Fastest Workout - an ultra-brief method of muscle building called Static Contraction Training.

Pete has never been a pro or amateur athlete, nor even an athlete in school or college. Yet despite these humble origins, he famously went onto lift a 1987 Toyota Corolla!

Dedicating himself to helping others improve their strength in the most effective way possible, Pete's training methods have featured in titles published by McGraw Hill and in publications such as Men's Fitness, Flex, and Muscle & Fitness.

A while ago, my site tracked Pete down. Kind enough to grant us an interview, we asked him what he considered to be the number one training mistake.

Here is what he told us:

    "People train too often. You can't grow new muscle until you fully recover from your last workout. Then, you wait for new muscle to grow while you are asleep. When you go back to the gym, you are a stronger man (or woman) and you should be able to lift more weight. When you lift more, you stimulate new muscle growth again. Piece of cake.

    "But people screw that up by going back to the gym too soon. They aren't any stronger, so they do some dumb workout that hasn't a prayer of building new muscle. It's busywork.

    "This is what happens to people who believe the 'Monday, Wednesday, Friday' nonsense. Who on earth can get stronger every 48 hours for months at a time? Maybe a young male jacking himself full of two grand a month in pharmaceutical help could do it. Nobody else can. But guess what days are always busiest at the gym? Sad and avoidable."

#1 Hypertrophy Program Rule

Pete speaks a lot of sense. And it's frightening how many people break this #1 hypertrophy routine rule: you train too often and your progress comes to a screeching halt. Result? Hypertrophy horror!

I talk about the benefits of recovery in my book Ninja Strength Secrets. To learn more, and put the bite on this bloodsucking bad boy, simply click the link below:

Ninja Strength Secrets

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