Incline Bench Press for the Upper Chest

by John Pike

A woman's bust line. Probably the most frequently visited part of her anatomy as a man first lays eyes on her - but did you know most women train their chests all wrong?

The girls I see in my gym spend way too much time doing flat bench work for their chests. Why is this so bad? 99% of the muscle they create on the "lower extremes of the female chest" (this is where the muscle gets developed on the flat bench) will NEVER be seen or appreciated, because it is ALWAYS COVERED by the fleshy mass of the woman's breast tissue.

So how should you train your chest?

Use the incline bench press, as this movement builds the upper chest and shoulders.

When a woman builds her upper chest region, the thickening actually LIFTS the breasts higher. The developed upper chest area on a woman gives the visual effect that her shoulders appear wider, thereby making the waist appear smaller too.

An incline bench press tip: use an adjustable free weight bench when building your chest. Raising it up a notch or two higher than the fixed incline bench will really tie in the chest and shoulder dynamic.

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