Laying in a Strong Foundation

by Ben

Tip # 1
You are the most important person in your life.
Your health affects The Quality of your life indelably.

# 2
Choose your Fitness center carefully, ask around, do not just commit to the first one you go to. The sales people know this better than most and will say anything to get you to sign.

# 3
Military Press, Squat, Dead Lift.
preparing to involve yourself must include the Basics First!
It takes years to develop world class muscle size and
Laying in a strong foundation will insure that you can!
Do not get distracted by all the fancy stuff you WILL See!
Attend the gym 3 times a week for a month, then move to 4 times a week and add some isolation moves ie, bicep tricep etc.

Working ALL your muscles (eventually)will insure positive muscle development

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Muscle Economics 101
by: Anonymous

What ever you invest your time in doing, while in the Gym, the results Will be the answer to your question:
Am I developing in the Direction I want?
Sayings like:
"You only get what you pay for".
"You can't compare Apples with Oranges"
"You can't gain weight and lose it at the same time"(unless you are using anabolic steroids).
come to mind...
Words and Expressions like,
were Never heard of, back when Arnold was the Champ.
The Definition of Òver Trained`is:
Under rested and under nourished.
Over trained was a phenomenon the was introduced in the mid seventies, when Someone thought that Intensity meant, No rest between sets, circuit training etc.
Please do not compare Apples with Oranges.
I only speak of the things I know, I do not pretend to understand, Elyptical machines,log on to Dorian Yates some time, and hear what he says.
I do thank you all for your insights,I know that your hearts are all in the right place, but those who will or do follow my blog, are getting a mixed message

Triceps Training
by: Lee

Thanks Ben and Bob - you make some excellent points!

Why do most guys fail to realize an effective upper arm training workout needs to address the biceps AND the triceps? It's amazing how many people ignore the triceps when trying to get bigger arms - a huge mistake!

So what makes this part of the upper arm so important? The triceps is a larger muscle group when compared to the biceps, and contributes more to the circumference of the arm. The answer? Don't forget to train your triceps.

It's Personal
by: Anonymous

There are Endless "Blogs" discussing Bicep Peak.
The attitude towards developing a "Bicep Peak" like some you may see in the muscle pubs, is changing.
Most of the Comments I am reading state clearly that, like many aspects of our Physique, Having Peaks or Not, is Genetic.
The coffee is perking, can you smell it?
We are all given over to our DNA.
Each one of us has a Genetic Program within our Bodily foundations.
This means, our personal Physical Symetry is Pre-engineered, the die IS Cast.
Therefore, if you want bigger arms, you must Make everything else bigger to, then and only then will you personal Symetry Blueprint increase your arm size.
more muscle calls for more body weight, how do we gain weight? more food

Bob Deko says
by: Anonymous

Ben's right, he is my brother and Ben knows.
If you need a place to start then try this;
If your streets are illuminated by "Street Lites" then you got your own space to run in and the perfect means to "Calibrate" your training.
Depending on your fitness level, you can get out there and run at a comfortable tempo.
Start at the first Lampost and run to the next.
then walk to the next and then run again, alternating run / walk etc.
You might take five lamposts and Run / Walk today, tomorrow take six etc.
Example; run / walk for five then return walking.
Its a gentle beginning but it is a start.
you can mix it up all you want and in NO time you will be disappearing over the horizon for hours!

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