What is Soya? Low Fat Proteins Secrets to Improve Fitness

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hat is soya and how can it help you?

Discover 3 low fat proteins secrets to improve fitness.

What is Soya?

Soya, or soy, is commonly found in tofu, soya beans and soya milk. A superior source of amino acids, it provides all the healthy proteins your body needs.

Some soya facts and figures for you:

54% of the calories come from protein, so pound for pound, soya is actually a better source of protein when compared to meat. But the benefits of soya don't stop there, as its real advantage is that the rest of the calories come from complex carbohydrates...

And the best part?

Soya contains no saturated fat making it a healthy protein choice when building muscle.

How to Eat Soya

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One of the easiest ways to eat soya is in the form of tofu. Tofu is a curd made from soya beans and comes in many varieties, including soft, hard, marinated, smoked and braised.

Commonly cubed and used in stir-frys, stews and casseroles, this soya product is quite tasteless so is best combined with highly-flavoured sauces or foods.

The humble soya bean also provides a nutrient-dense dairy alternative. Available as milks, cheeses and yoghurts, these soya products provide a valuable protein source for vegetarians and vegans.

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What is Soya? Low Fat Proteins Secrets

    1. Benefits of arginine.

    Foods rich in the amino acid arginine have been shown to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

    And which healthy proteins food rate highly for this sex boosting nutrient? Yes, you guessed it. Soya beans.

    Indeed, soya products are exceptionally rich in this amino acid when compared to animal products and provide all the arginine benefits.

    And the benefits of arginine don't stop there...

    2. Arginine foods boost brain power.

    Research shows nitric oxide boosts the central nervous system, and in particular, memory.

    So how can you make more nitric oxide?

    Eat a diet that is protein rich and make sure your protein comes from arginine rich foods.

    3. Anti-cancer diet.

    Soya beans have consistently been associated with a lower risk of breast cancer.

    Research in Japan and China, show how women who get most of their protein from soya products exhibit lower rates of this disease.

    Moreover, data from the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study found women eating the most soya protein (up to 11g a day) had a 32% lower risk of breast cancer recurrence when compared to those with the lowest intake of soya.

In Summary

What is soya and how can it help you?

Consuming a diet rich in low fat proteins like soya will not only build your muscles, but will help improve fitness.

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