Foods Rich in Protein - Healthy Ways to Increase Protein Intake

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earching for foods rich in protein that also boost health?

Discover why swapping milk for yoghurt is one of the best ways to increase protein intake.

Healthy Proteins

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If you are making the most of milk as recommended on this site, you will understand not only is 'the white stuff' a concentrated source of valuable nutrition, but it is an effective way to get a lot of rich proteins into your body and diet.

And the milk benefits don't stop there.

Not only is this food high in proteins, but it comes in a convenient and economical form - indeed, milk products and muscle building shakes can make meeting your calorie and protein needs a breeze, especially if you find it difficult to build muscle and have above-average caloric demands.

But what if you want to give your digestion and muscle building a healthy proteins boost, or struggle to digest milk?

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Benefits of Yoghurt

Writing in his bestselling book Beyond Brawn, Stuart McRobert explains why changing to natural yoghurt can help if you suffer from gas or bloating, and if you are lactose intolerant, how yoghurt can remove this burden from your small intestine while providing you with all the low fat proteins your body needs.

Moreover, when comparing the same quantity of protein and other nutrients, yoghurt contains much less lactose than milk, making it far more digestible.

For example, one 250g pot can replace a glass of your favorite mid-morning milk snack and supplies the kinds of friendly bacteria your gut requires for optimal performance - just one of the many yoghurt benefits.

So if you are searching for foods rich in protein which are also kind to your gut, why not give this healthy proteins food a try?

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Foods Rich in Protein to Muscle Building

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