"Lower Back Pain Remedy - How Exercise Tackles Back Pain Time-Bomb"

Seeking a lower back pain remedy? Learn how exercise helps tackle the back pain time-bomb.

Desperately Seeking a Lower Back Pain Remedy

Have you ever suffered from lower back pain? You are not alone. Here in the UK more than 10 million working days are lost annually due to the country's "sedentary epidemic" with the over-50s being hit hardest.

New figures revealed by the UK Statistics Authority provides some spine-chilling reading. Numbers show how workers aged between 50-64 lost around 4.2 million working days due to back pain last year.

But don't go thinking this chronic condition only hits the over-50s. Younger adults are being bashed by this spine slugger too.

Stats show those aged 25-34 were absent for 1.89 million days, while those in the 35-49 age bracket went missing for 3.86 million days.

And the total cost for this loss in productivity?

Over £1billion. 

It's therefore no surprise when experts warn the condition is a "ticking time-bomb".

Back Pain Time-Bomb

So how can we tackle this back pain time-bomb? It seems exercise is key.

Professor Steven Bevan is the director of the Centre for Workforce Effectiveness at the Work Foundation. He recently claimed that "sitting is the new smoking" before adding: "The more sedentary you are, the worse it is for your health."

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle has therefore led chiropractors to urgently call for a "step change" in how people treat their lower backs.

These changes involve simple regular stretching or getting up for frequent breaks to take a walk.

Sounds like sensible advice, don't you agree? Sure it does. But I believe we can do better.

How? We can radically tackle back pain before it ever becomes an issue.

Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Spine

Part of this process involves making weight training a regular part of your lifestyle. Studies consistently show this type of exercise safeguards your spine while providing bags of bang for your bodybuilding buck.

And here's the thing: you are never too old to start. It doesn't matter if you're 20 or 70 — amazing stuff starts to happen when you turn to the iron game.

Seeking some inspiration?

A great place to begin is with kettlebell coach Pavel Tsatsouline's dad. At 75-years-old, Vladimir deadlifted 407 pounds at a bodyweight of 193 pounds — an American record!

This Russian rocket refuses to let age hold him back. He is muscular, lean, and Superman strong... or as 1,000 pound bencher Scott Mendelson quipped: "That man is a stud!"

Want to check out the lifting program that made all this possible? To learn more, here's your link...

Be a Man Among Men

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